Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Heavenly Crisp Candy Bar

As I've written in my previous Skinny Cow product reviews, I certainly appreciate Skinny Cow's efforts to make lower calorie versions of decadent desserts.  Often times, I find them quite tasty.  What I don't appreciate in some of these instances is the amount of product that you get back in return for the price, especially with their candy products.  That said, I've reviewed Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp candy bars before when I tackled the Peanut Butter flavor, so now I'm going to tackle the other flavor in their candy bar offering, Milk Chocolate.  I picked up a box of six of these on sale at Meijer for $3.99 and each candy bar in the box has 110 calories and weighs in at 0.77 ounces.

Taking a look at this one, it's much the same composition as the peanut butter flavor bar with the exceptions that the interior of the bar is layered with milk chocolate creme as opposed to peanut butter creme and the icing on top of the bar is vanilla icing as opposed to peanut butter.  Everything else is the same...crispy/crunchy wafer interior and a milk chocolate exterior coating.  As I also said in my previous review, there's not a lot of "girth" in these things as they are very light and airy, as you'd expect from something that takes the texture of a wafer.

In terms of taste, I've got to say that I actually liked this.  The vanilla icing was indistinguishable, but the chocolate was sweet and remarkably rich for a "healthy" product.  The sweetness wasn't particularly overpowering, but this milk chocolate was the star of the show.  It was decadent, creamy and strong all at the same time.  When you factor in the light crunch/crispness of the wafer, you've actually got a pretty good combination in a candy bar with this one.  It's not outstanding, but it is comfortably above average on the Crazy Food Dude taste scale.

Buy It or Fly By It?  FLY BY IT and it's for the same reason as I outlined in my initial paragraph.  The price just doesn't match what you are getting in return.  Think about it, I paid $3.99 for a box of six that was ON SALE.  That means that the SALE unit price was nearly $0.67 per bar and there's just not enough of a bar there to justify that price, at least in my mind.  At regular price, the unit price is even worse.  That said, the taste on these was very good and if you have a coupon and/or are willing to pay a premium price, I would certainly encourage you to snatch these up because the decadent taste is worth it at whatever you determine is the right price for you.


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