Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Nostimo Strawberry 0% Fat Greek Yogurt

My first review of a Nostimo's Honey 0% Greek Yogurt mentioned that the label of the packaging stated "Nostimo Means 'Delicious'" and after trying it out, I felt a more appropriate tagline would have been "Nostimo Means 'Boring'".  That said, I bought several flavors all at one time, so I've got more flavors to try and that leads me to this Strawberry flavor of their non-fat Greek yogurt (Nostimo has no discernible web presence, so I have no link to a site for them; they are manufactured by a budget foods company).  I picked this, along with the others, up on sale at Marsh for $1.00 and it is six ounces with 140 calories and fourteen grams of protein.  This flavor differs from the honey flavor in that this one has the "fruit on the bottom", so obviously there's intended to be some strawberry chunks in here, which is nice since the last one was just yogurt with a very slight honey taste.

Unlike the last review, I tore off the lid on this one and was not greeted by a pool of whatever and a bunch of chunks of Greek yogurt.  Instead, this one looked like any other Greek yogurt upon first tearing off the lid in that it was thick and pretty much held together in one piece.  I took a quick sniff and smelled a very, very mild tartness, so it was similar to the last.  After my putting my nose to rest for a bit, I put my spoon to work to go searching for the fruit on the bottom and what I found was several decent-sized chunks of strawberry and a strawberry jam-type substance.  Again, basically what you'd expect from a fruit on the bottom yogurt, but one area where this one differed is that the fruit mix had more of a dull, almost gray, tint to the fruit mix as opposed to a light red like I've seen in other strawberry fruit on the bottom flavors.  Putting my nose to work again, I took a sniff and the strawberry smell was definitely present, but again, it wasn't powerful.

That lack of smell power of both the yogurt and the strawberries carried over to the taste as well, although I wouldn't classify either of those things as a bad thing.  In fact, it worked well for this.  The yogurt, while slightly tart, was mostly creamy and flavorful.  The strawberry mix, while also weak flavored, was just sweet enough that it was the prevalent flavor in the yogurt vs. strawberry battle.  The chunks were soft and pliable and not really all that solid and chunky, so all they really did was bring a slight texture change to the yogurt, which as I said, was quite creamy.  You can't really say strawberry was a star in this cup, but you could definitely tell you were eating a strawberry flavored product.

Buy It or Fly By It? Unlike its honey brethren, I can't say that this one was boring as it did a moderately decent job of emulating the flavors that it intended to emulate, so I have to give it a BUY IT rating.  This wasn't a particularly outstanding Greek yogurt product, but it was good enough that I'd feel comfortable eating it again and recommending it to others looking for a mild Greek yogurt.


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