Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Skinny Cow Slimited Editions Oh Fudge Nuts! Low-Fat Ice Cream Cone

Within the past few months, Skinny Cow has introduced a new line of products to its low-fat ice cream dessert arsenal called Slimited Editions.  Within this line, they have several products including bars, shakes, sandwiches and also cones.  It's the Oh Fudge Nuts! Low-Fat Ice Cream Cone that I picked up for this review to compare to some of the other Skinny Cow dessert options that I have tried as well.  I picked up a box of these cones for $3.00 on sale at Kroger and each box contains four cones.  Each cone is 150 calories and is worth four points on the Weight Watchers Points Plus scale.

First observation when I pulled one of these cones out of the box was that it had a lot of packaging for such a small cone.  It's wrapped up like a Christmas present so as not to harm the precious cargo inside.  They certainly don't just throw it in a wrapper like Nestle Drumsticks...it's in a soft cardboard container to protect the contents, which are small to say the least.  That said, I can't say I was surprised because for a 150 calorie dessert option, you can't be expecting a lot of size.  The base of the cone is a waffle cone with chocolate coating on the interior of the cone.  The cone is then filled with Skinny Cow's low-fat vanilla ice cream and then is topped with six "rivers" of chocolate fudge and then a sprinkling of peanuts.  Basically, this is constructed somewhat similar to a Drumstick and being that Drumsticks and Skinny Cow products are both manufactured by Nestle, it should come as no surprise that they share similar characteristics.

Biting into this was quite nice as I was able to get a conglomeration of gooey and sweet chocolate fudge, crunchy peanuts and smooth low-fat ice cream in my first couple bites.  Unfortunately, after two bites, that's where the niceness ended because after that, there was not any fudge or nuts left.  I was disappointed to see that neither of them were interwoven throughout the entire cone like Drumsticks can sometimes be constructed.  After I got through that fudge and peanuts, all that was left was the vanilla ice cream and the cone itself.  The ice cream, while vanilla, was not offensive, nor was it strong tasting.  It was just standard low-fat vanilla ice cream...sorta boring.  But, what saved the remainder of the cone from being entirely boring was the chocolate walled waffle cone.  Had this just been a standard waffle cone and that was it, I would have been a very sad man.  The fact that the chocolate was there to add a bit of a thick and sweet taste to the thin vanilla ice cream and the crunch of the waffle cone made this a pretty decent tasting treat.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This is a difficult one...the taste of the cone itself was fairly solid and there certainly was nothing offensive about it.  It was basically a case of what you see is what you get and that's often the case with Skinny Cow products.  My dilemma is that for something that is such a basic dessert, it costs quite a bit and that makes it prohibitive.  For that reason, I give it a FLY BY IT rating.  Saying that though, if you are willing to pay a dollar or two extra and save some calories, go for this by all means because you won't be disappointed.  Your socks won't be knocked off either, but this is a safe, inoffensive treat when it all boils down to it.



  1. Gotta find their coupons. They're out there somewhere. I get one every time i see one!

    1. I did use a coupon in addition to the sale. The combination of those two is the only time that I can actually make somewhat of peace with myself for paying that much for a product.


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