Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: Ben & Jerry's Mud Pie Ice Cream

I'm going to let you in on a little secret here:  I drink an occasional alcoholic beverage.  From time to time, one of those beverages may be a coffee mixed with Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur.  So, when wandering through the Meijer ice cream section one day in search of another Ben & Jerry's review topic, I came across this Ben & Jerry's Mud Pie ice cream and seeing that it contained the taste of Irish coffee liqueur, I was immediately interested.  Ben & Jerry's actually describes this one as "Chocolate & Irish Coffee Liqueur Ice Creams Swirled Together with a Chocolate Cookie Swirl" so everything about it seemed appealing to me.  Like I said previously, I picked it up at Meijer and I was able to purchase it on sale for $3.00 for the pint.  The pint, as usual, contains a laughable four servings per pint and there are 270 calories per serving.

As you can see when you open this one up, it's just a total swirl of everything.  There's chocolate ice cream, Irish coffee liqueur ice cream and chocolate cookies spread everywhere.  It looks like an two year old's (or a very abstract artist's) art project.  Since the colors and textures are so different, it's easy to distinguish what is what in the pint, but it just looks like a mess.  FYI, the chocolate cookie swirl is more like a swirl of crushed cookie pieces.  In fact, I would compare the chocolate cookies to the top and bottom of your standard Oreo cookie.

In terms of the taste of this one, you can definitely taste the coffee in the Irish coffee liqueur ice cream and being that I'm a big Bailey's guy, but not necessarily a coffee ice cream guy, I still loved that.  Although you can definitely taste the coffee flavor, the taste is not overpowering and adds a full tasting, yet different background punch to Ben & Jerry's typical sweet and creamy chocolate ice cream.  The cookie pieces, while adding some crunchy, do not provide a whole lot of texture difference because the cookie pieces are ground up (like you would an Oreo) so they really just feel grainy in your mouth as you are happily working your way through the pint.  If I had to compare the taste of this to something specific, I would say that this would be comparable to dumping some Bailey's in a cup of hot chocolate and then freezing it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I have to give this one a BUY IT rating because I'm an Irish cream liqueur guy.  If that is not your thing, you may not like this pint and find it a bit off-putting.  One thing I did miss is that I wasn't feeling tipsy after eating this pint like I would after drinking the equivalent amount of Bailey's and coffee.  LOL, just joking. but it was a feeling that I was somehow missing.  Maybe that says more about me than this pint...



  1. I am unfortunately a coffee person but not much of an Irish cream liqueur person. Did not care for this pint, and ended up throwing part of it out. =(

  2. sounds an interesting flavour..dont think i would like it though as i hate liquers ugh.

  3. This was my all time favorite blend of Ben and Jerry's but sadly I can no longer find it in any of the stores in my area.


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