Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Skinny Cow Chocolate Fudge Brownie Low Fat Ice Cream Single Serving Cup

I haven't done a lot of reviews on Skinny Cow products on this blog, but there have been some.  That said, I'm going to try to start doing more of these as they have quite a variety of products out there and also have a pretty big brand name (with Nestle backing) in terms of trying to push their low fat treat products into the market.  So, that leads me to this single serving cup of their Chocolate Fudge Brownie Low Fat Ice Cream.  I picked this one up at CVS on sale for $1.25 and it is 150 calories per 5.8 ounce single serving.  For those Weight Watchers folks, this one is four points on the Points Plus scale.

Judging by the name of the product, it should not really be a surprise as to what is in each individual serving cup.  It's low fat chocolate ice cream with pieces of fudge brownie spread intermittenly throughout the container.  It's not a plentiful spread of fudge brownie chunks, but there are enough in there that you don't feel that you are getting shorted and when dealing with any ice cream that has mix-ins promised, that is an extremely important factor.

So, at least seeing that I wasn't going to get shorted on add-ins, I was anxious to dig in and give this one a shot.  Unfortunately, my anxiousness ended after one spoonful and it immediately turned to disappointment.  I've had some bad chocolate ice creams in my life and I've got to put this one near the top of the list.  Low fat ice creams tend to be thin and flat in taste and this chocolate ice cream was definitely that.  It wasn't sweet at all and really, it was just there.  It tasted sort of like chocolate, but it was not a particularly flavorful chocolate.  As for the fudge brownie pieces, well, they were okay and about what you'd expect, but the chocolate ice cream was so bad that not even these pieces could save it.  The one thing I will say about those fudge brownie pieces though was that they retained some degree of softness, so I will at least give them credit for that.  I won't give Skinny Cow credit for the rest of the product though, because this was just plain bad.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I think the last sentence of the previous paragraph should say it all...FLY BY IT.  This one just was not flavorful at all.  I know this was billed as a single serving and that is fine, but this single serving was so bad that I stopped halfway through eating it.  Imagine that...I couldn't even finish a single serving cup because the flavor was so mediocre-to-bad.  That's embarrassing for both me and Skinny Cow.  That's not to say all these Skinny Cow single serving cups are bad, but this one definitely was.



  1. I was going to mock you for buying this, but I think you've learned your lesson

    1. That's why I review these things. I'm willing to "take one for the team" so that other people don't have to eat stuff like this.


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