Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Chobani Champions Honey-nana Greek Yogurt

Full disclosure here as I start:  I HATE bananas.  I have hated them every single day of my entire life, so it would seem pretty odd that I'm reviewing a banana product then, right?  Well, the only reason I am reviewing this one is because I'm an idiot and picked this one up by accident because I wasn't paying close enough attention and thought it was honey vanilla.  So, because of my stupidity, I'm going to offer a hopefully non-biased review of one of Chobani's offerings from their new Champions line of Greek yogurt that is aimed toward kids, the Honey-nana flavor.  I picked this one up for $3.29 at Marsh (side note:  each Champions product at Marsh had a different price level; weird) and each package contains four 3.5 ounce cups of Greek yogurt.  Each cup is 100 calories and has eight grams of protein and actually has fat, as opposed to most Greek yogurts.

When I opened this, I half expected to find either honey or banana chunks in this one based on my experience in my previous review with the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk flavor where I found plentiful little chocolate chunks.  Instead, I found nothing in this yogurt.  It was just a typical white Greek yogurt with no overwhelming banana smell or anything distinguishable.  Being that I'm repulsed by bananas, I was glad that I didn't have to smell them off the bat or else I would have been even more apprehensive about eating this.  Still, I was a bit surprised to not see any sort of add-in here.

Anyway, as I fearfully took my first spoonful into my mouth, I was completely shocked by the initial sweetness and tartness that this yogurt had.  The sweetness was obviously from the honey and the tartness was because of the Greek yogurt itself.  After having that in my mouth for a bit, the tang from those two flavors wore off and the banana flavor came through in the aftertaste.  It wasn't a strong banana flavor and I was grateful for that.  As I kept going along eating this, I went from being totally afraid of this to actually not fearful at all.  Because of the relatively tame banana flavor, this was essentially a honey yogurt with a slight banana aftertaste and being that I do like honey, I actually grew warmer to this by the end of the cup and I would even go so far as to say that I even liked it.  That rarely, if ever, happens with anything banana flavored because like I said, I have HATED bananas for my entire life.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've got to say BUY IT.  This is actually kind of good and if I'm saying this as a banana hater, someone that likes bananas (and honey) will probably like this a lot.  This is another solid effort by Chobani and also their Champions line.  This is a great little treat for kids and if you can find it at a decent price and want to get your kids (or yourself) a healthy type snack, this would be a good option.


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