Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: MET-Rx Protein Plus Creamy Cookie Crisp Bar

The fantastic and never ending protein bar adventure continues with today's review of the MET-Rx Pure Protein Creamy Cookie Crisp bar which is one of the more hardcore, meathead-type protein bars that I'll look at around here and is part of the continuing MET-Rx review series.  This giant bar (3.17 ounces) packs 340 calories and 30 grams of protein, so if you are looking to calorie load or protein load, this is your bar.  I purchased it at CVS for around $2.50.

This one is constructed of a crispy, cookie base that resembles an Oreo cookie in both its texture and its airiness.  When you can say that a product marketed as "healthy" (or something) resembles an Oreo, you are off to a good start, in my opinion, even if Oreos are overrated in general.  On top of that  Oreo-like basis is the "creamy" portion of the bar.  This is kind of like a marshmallow fluff, although it is a bit more solid.  What is odd about this is the picture on the front of the wrapper showed this as being white.  As you can see from my "professional" photography, the cream is more of an off-white or yellowish color.  Nothing real mind bending, but just something worth pointing out.  Surrounding the bar is a standard chocolate coating.  I should also point out that while a lot of these protein bars are difficult to break in half for the picture, this one actually broke fairly easily, which shows how airy and flaky the base is and the base's composition usually determines how easy or hard these are to break in half.

Biting into this, I tasted something resembling a chocolate covered Oreo cookie and much like I said in the composition, when something "healthy" looks and tastes like an Oreo cookie, you have the fat kid inside of all of us screaming with delight and that's certainly what I did with this one.  The base was crunchy too and after having too many of these protein bars that have a gummy and hard base (that's where they hide the protein mix), I was pretty happy to have one that broke up and chewed in my mouth very easily.  The crunchy Oreo-like base, the semi-creamy fluff on top and then the chocolate (strong, but not sweet tasting) outer coating all blended together to make a delightful bar, especially when you consider this is a protein bar.  It's not sweet like a typical candy bar, but outside of that, it is everything a candy bar is.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If I haven't made it obvious already, you need to BUY IT.  Franky, I loved this bar and I would almost say that it is my favorite of all the MET-Rx products that I've tasted so far.  It's rare that I get hungry while typing a review, especially when a protein bar is the subject, but I am getting hungry when typing this one and that is a victory in itself.

Protein and Oreos...probably not the combination that MET-Rx was going for (although, maybe they were, who knows?), but that's what they stumbled upon.  And sometimes people stumble upon happy accidents and this bar is certainly that.  Truly a winner here.


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