Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Chobani Apple Cinnamon 0% Greek Yogurt

As I mentioned in my review of Chobani's new Blood Orange 0% Greek yogurt, finding the other new Apple Cinnamon flavor was proving to be quite difficult as it was seemingly out of stock every time I went to the store.  Finally though, I was able to find it at my friendly neighborhood Meijer and being that this was the most appealing out of all the new flavors by name only, I was anxious to try this out since apples and cinnamon are one of my favorite combinations around as I use them in parfaits, pancake toppings, etc..  Tony at A Sweet Score also had a glowing review, so that made me want it even more.  I had a free product coupon from Chobani to get this, but it normally retails from Meijer for about $1.25.  The yogurt cup is six ounces and contains 140 calories and fourteen grams of protein.

This one is also fruit on the bottom, so it required me to stir this up to get the apple chunks to the top.  One thing I noticed as I started stirring was that this Greek yogurt was seemingly thicker than most of the typical Greek yogurts that I've reviewed on this blog, even the other Chobani products.  Once I did stir it up, I found some fairly large apple chunks mixed in with cinnamon in the usual fruit "jam" that you find in these fruit at the bottom yogurts.  Being that the chunks were quite large, I was even more anxious to try that out, because frankly, I often don't expect the fruits at the bottom of these yogurts to be much bigger than little pellets.  Having big chunks just made me think that this was going to be awesome.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't classify this as awesome.  I would classify it as very good, but not quite to the level of awesome.  I don't know, maybe I overhyped myself on this one because it just wasn't as good of a flavor as I was expecting.  The apples were quite large and surprisingly provided a nice bit of crunch to the yogurt since they were still somewhat in their crunchy, raw form.  The slightly crunchy and strong smelling apples had a strong taste and when mixed with the light accent of cinnamon taste and smell in the "jam", it was a nice and sweet combination.  Its sweetness did a nice job of overpowering the yogurt because when I tried the yogurt alone, it was extremely tart and I would almost classify its tartness and sourness to the level of sour cream.  It was overpowering, but the apple and cinnamon mix did a great job winning the battle against that and making this a mild and semi-sweet treat.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This very easily gets a BUY IT rating, but not as strong of one as I would have expected when I first heard about this product.  Don't get me wrong, it was very good, but like I said, I think I built it up too much in my mind.  That said, it is still worth a purchase because I think anyone that enjoys apples and cinnamon as a combination at all will enjoy this product.  Interestingly though, as much as I enjoyed this one, I've got to say that I like the Blood Orange flavor a little bit more and I can honestly say that no one is more surprised by that than me.


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