Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Weight Watchers Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

In my previous Weight Watchers Smart Ones sundae review, I was less than impressed with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae.  I loved the idea of a "diet" sundae, but they just didn't follow through on the execution and it ended up being an overpriced unit of borningness (new word in my personal dictionary).  Still, I figured that these Smart Ones sundaes had to make it to market somehow, so I was anxious to try out the Peanut Butter Cup Sundae that was on sale for $2.00 in the same Meijer frozen foods case as the last one.  As I said before, the dimensions of this sundae roughly resemble a deck of playing cards.  It clocks in at 2.29 ounces per sundae (two per box) and each sundae is 170 calories.

Smart Ones recommends that you either leave this on the counter for five minutes or microwave it for five seconds.  Based on my experience with the last sundae and the fudge not melting when I followed directions, I decided that I'd microwave it for ten seconds and see how it turned out.  Well, ten seconds made it turn out better as the chocolate fudge was melted a little better, but the vanilla ice cream was starting to melt too and melted ice cream is NEVER a good thing.  The rest of the sundae includes a base layer of a brownie which gets a bit soggy with the melting ice cream on top of it and then fudge on top of that That mix is then is topped with small mini-peanut butter cup pieces that spread out pretty well in the sundae (you can actually see all of them in the picture above).

In terms of taste, this one actually performed pretty well compared to the last Smart Ones sundae that I had.  It was nothing earth shattering, but all the components delivered as you would expect them too and when you are dealing with a pre-made sundae, that's about all you can ask.  The mini-peanut butter cups were crunchy and had a delightful mix of chocolate and peanut butter.  The fudge was sweet, decadent and gooey and the vanilla ice cream was about what you'd expect, although it did have a nice strong taste of vanilla and I appreciated that.  The only somewhat negative in this sundae was the brownie as it got soggy, as I mentioned before.  Despite its sogginess, the taste was pretty spot-on with a regular brownie, so if you can get over the softness, you are probably going to like all of this mixture.

Buy It or Fly By It?  BUY IT.  Unlike the previous Smart Ones sundae review that I did, this one is a winner.  Even with the soggy brownie, everything works well together and adds a nice, small treat that is not a heavy calorie burden and that is definitely not a bad thing.  The price may be a little steep to some for what you are getting back in terms of sundae size, but if that doesn't bother you, this is definitely one to purchase.



  1. I like these ones as well, but again - I'm often a two at a time guy haha.

  2. I'll concur as well. These are by no means a premium treat, but interesting for a light weight option.


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