Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Atkins Day Break Creamy Chocolate Shake

In my mind, a shake is something that is made with ice cream and milk.  In Atkins mind, it clearly isn't, especially when you consider that they don't sell these out of the freezer or even the refrigerator at the store.  Yes, these are stored at room temperature.  Still, based on the fact that I had a positive experience with my last Atkins review and that I'm a glutton for punishment, I was willing to give this "shake" a try when I saw it on sale at Meijer for around $6 for a four pack (I also had a coupon).  There were a couple different varieties available, but I had a chocolate craving, so I chose the Creamy Chocolate Shake version of the Day Break line of diet foods.  Each shake contains 140 calories and 10 grams of protein, so while it's not going to bust your diet, it's not exactly a "freebie" either.

After I screwed open the cap, I noticed that there was nothing about this that could be considered a "shake".  First of all, it wasn't thick enough and secondly, as I mentioned before, there was no ice cream.  Honestly, this looked just like chocolate milk.

When I took my first gulp (I had it stored in the refrigerator before drinking...I just couldn't stomach the though of drinking a room temperature "shake"), I realized this tasted just like chocolate milk too.  That's not necessarily a bad thing because as a man/boy that refuses to grow up, I love chocolate milk, but still they call this a shake (I will get over the name eventually)!  Granted, it was a very slightly thicker version of your normal store bought chocolate milk, but it was nothing more.  Hey, maybe that is why it is a shake!

Buy It or Fly By It?  FLY BY IT.  Honestly, I'm upset with myself for buying this one and trying it out.  I don't know if I expected it to re-invent the wheel or anything like that, but for something that was as costly as this one, I guess I was expecting something more.  I know there are some health benefits to this, but there are health benefits to regular, old chocolate milk as well.

So, in the end, save your money and go to the dairy section and buy a gallon of some normal chocolate milk for half the cost of these "shakes."



  1. you sound so funny...btw its a weight loss product anyway so u cant expect it to be delicious ;p and ice cream on top? r u kidding me?? ice cream is not a good thing for someone who wants to lose some weight. iv tried atkins and so far they were the best.and i loved em.first of all...are you trying to lose weight?;p or u just trying them to c which product is the best?or r u working for cleberity slim or TF ? :O hehehe funny!!!

  2. yeah on Atkins you are not allowed to have sugar so this is a yummy substitute for a meal/dessert I love em too they help me stay on my diet and lose weight fast now if I wasnt on a diet I would go for some Ben&Jerry chocolate fudge brownie but i suspect that is what made me a fatty in the 1st place

  3. OK - OK DUDE: The skinny is the answer.... This IS a weight loss product, but it is primarily a LOW CARB drink. The cheapest (Carb-wise) on the market. My wife and I are diabetic and LOW CARB is essential. I do not take shots or meds for my diabetes, but simply control my diet with low carb products. Basically I live on Atkins drinks (my main diet). We prob drink 6-8 drinks a day. Over the past two yrs we have consumed well over 2,000 Atkins drinks. The Atkins products are the least expensive means to obtain low carb intake. I buy bulk off the internet...get free shipping and no state tax, net abt $4-5 per 4-pk. NOW, the shake part is a must...just like chocolate must shake it good before you drink it to make sure the chocolate is thoroughly mixed.

  4. I agree with the other commenters; this is a low carb product, primarily for weight loss or weight maintenance. That said, I love the taste of these and drink 2-3 a day as meal replacements and snack (if I am feeling hungry between mealtimes, I may drink just half a shake). Also, a major benefit is the high fiber content of the Day Break shakes. It does not have bad effects and, honestly, keeps me regular! An all around win. I order 12 boxes at a time from (free shipping over $50 currently $5.18 ea.) and get them delivered right to my door. I am extremely happy with this product. My husband likes the Strawberry Banana.


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