Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: Promax LS Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar

Another day, another new bar and this time its a Promax LS Peanut Butter Chocolate bar.  LS means lower sugar as this one only has nine grams of sugar compared to the normal 15-21 that would find in a comparable bar (I actually don't know that off-hand, but that's what the wrapper said).  In order to replace the sugar in this bar, Promax uses Stevia, which is all natural as the rest of the bar is (it's also kosher and gluten free).  This all natural bar bills itself as a meal replacement, workout aid or snack, so it's a jack of all trades.  It measures in at 2.36 ounces (a CLIF bar is 2.4 ounces) and contains 220 calories, eighteen grams of protein and also fourteen grams of fiber, so I guess it's going to help you "down there" as well.  I picked it up on sale at Meijer for $1.50.

This is one of the few bars where the packaging does a good job of depicting what the bar actually looks like inside the packaging as the appearance of the bar was nearly identical to its wrapper.  It's a cylindrical bar coated in a peanut butter casing with an interior of chocolate with a peanut butter filling.  The peanut butter and chocolate textures are roughly equivalent to something you'd see in a typical candy bar.  In fact, I'd say the chocolate is almost nougat-y in that respect.

When it comes to the taste, I think the candy bar comparison is a good one as this bar reminded me of a Peanut Butter Snickers with a few differences.  Mainly, this bar is encased in a peanut butter coating its flavor is very strong and sweet.  The interior chocolate is semi-sweet, but not quite overpowering and since the peanut butter exterior layer's flavor is so strong, you really can't distinguish the flavor of the peanut butter filling in the interior.  Frankly, the only difference between this bar and a typical candy bar is that this one lacks that "melt in your mouth" quality that a normal candy bar has and actually can be quite laborious to chew.  Not that it is a bad thing, but it just takes a bit longer to devour this one.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I would say to BUY IT.  It's a reasonable facsimile to a regular candy bar and being that it is all natural, lower sugar, etc., it really isn't all that bad for you either.  It's a jack-of-all-trades bar, so you can eat it at pretty much any point in the day and certainly not regret it.  I know I didn't.


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  1. Having seen these yet, but I will definitely pick one up when I see it. The lower sugar intrigues me =O


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