Saturday, December 24, 2011

Treats Week Upcoming!

When I was growing up, my Dad had a tradition that he passed down from his father where on New Year's Eve, you could eat anything you wanted, no matter how much it cost (within reason, of course).  This could be a pizza from your favorite place, barbecue ribs or some sort of dessert.  I never got anything but pizza or ribs then, but given the opportunity in the present, I would assuredly choose some sort of dessert.

Ahhhh, desserts...just what you are going to want to be thinking about after a large majority of us will undoubtedly gorge ourselves on sweets over the holidays.  Well, it's technically still the holidays this week as we lead up to New Year's Eve/Day, so I'm going to have our second consecutive theme week here at the blog following last week's bar week.  Every review in this upcoming week will revolve around some sort of sweet treat.  That treat may be ice cream, pudding, etc.  Basically, it's all desserts, all the time.

Just remember what my Dad always said, it's New Year's Eve and you can eat whatever you want!  Plus, you have to make sure you get in all those sweets before you start your New Year's resolution of no desserts (those always fail).

Thanks again for reading and Happy Holidays!

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