Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Walden Farms Marshmallow Dip

Next in our Walden Farms odyssey is their Marshmallow Dip.  I will be the first to say that I'm not a fan of marshmallows by themselves, but I do like marshmallow cream when mixed with ice cream or other types of foods.  So, having marshmallow as a dip seemed to fit right in my marshmallow tolerance zone, so I picked this one up at Kroger for about $3.50 and was anxious to give it a try.

Texturally, I would compare this to pudding and when you look at their website linked above, the mention this as a great topping for pudding.  I find that kind of humorous since they are pretty much texturally the same and you'd think the flavor would get lost.  Personally, I would compare the texture and mouth feel more to very creamy whipped cream, but to each their own

The good part is that the flavor does not get lost at all and this is actually delicious.  It's not as creamy and rich as real marshmallow flavoring, yet it still has a nice, subtle vanilla-like flavor that makes it very good.  Personally, I love this stuff and mix it in with oatmeal and pudding.  I also use it as a dip (like it was intended) and constantly dip my Quaker Quakes in there when I want a little additional flavor punch to complement the pre-made taste.

Buy It or Fly Buy It?  As I said, I love this stuff, so I would definitely give it a BUY IT rating.  You can eat it icy cold as a dip or a mix-in with pudding, or you can heat it up and use it to add a creamy texture to your oatmeal.  Whatever way  you eat it, you can't lose.  The only negative to this product is that I wish they sold it in larger jars!



  1. have to disagree...a lot. I tried this stuff years ago, it gave that sort of chemical burn, yes burn, when I ate it. Maybe they changed the formulation in that time, but mine seemed more like industrial cleaner than food product.

  2. I can see how it had the acidic taste to you now that I think about it. It has that taste for me, but I guess I don't find it as unappealing though.

  3. I use a lot of their products - my only real objection is that the flavor isn't always consistent from jar to jar. I recently bought some chocolate dip that was really off compared to the others - but they said they would refund my money (we'll see!). I use the sweet dips on regular basis :)

  4. @Anonymous: I've had that problem with the Chocolate Dip too (review coming later), so I completely understand what you are saying. The Marshmallow Dip has been pretty consistent for me though.


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