Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Super Cookie Crunch Bar

Because of my odd daily diet of primarily fruits and vegetables, I often get asked where I get my daily protein allotment.  For the longest time, I didn't really care and eventually ended up degrading into a major weakling.  I finally reached a breaking point and decided that while I wasn't going to start eating meat every single day, I would at least find a way to introduce protein into my diet more regularly and that led me to start trying protein bars.  That effort of trying protein bars led me to MET-Rx products and their Big 100 Colossal series of bars, which they market as meal replacement bars due to their high calorie counts.  Recently, I was in CVS and picked up their MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Super Cookie Crunch Bar variety for around $2.50.

The picture does not show it well because there is not a wide variety of color contrasts, but the bar is made up of a bottom layer of odd, gummy chocolate, topped by an Oreo-like crunchy chocolate wafer and then a "creamy" marshmallow-like top.

In terms of taste, this bar is really overpowered by the "crunch" aspect as the chocolate wafer is about the only thing that has any discernible taste.  While it does taste like a chocolate wafer, it is ROCK HARD.  The bottom chocolate layer and the top marshmallow layer are gelatinous and gummy and don't really have a ton of flavor.  Honestly, the only thing that makes me know that these are supposed to be chocolate or marshmallow are the fact that they are black and white.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Definitely FLY BY IT.  This is essentially flavorless and has a huge calorie load (410 calories), although if you are looking for protein, it will certainly help as it packs a robust 32 grams.  Other than the protein load, I can't think of a single positive.

Oh yeah, if you do eat this, make sure that your dental insurance premiums are paid up and current.  I mentioned previously that this bar was rock hard and I mean it.  If you aren't careful, you'll end up breaking a tooth trying to bite into this thing.



  1. these aren't bad tasting in my opinion, but they're no better than having a snickers and a protein shake with a better quality protein blend.

    why avoid whole food protein sources during the week?

  2. Just a way of keeping my calorie intake down because I'm not capable of portion control. Ha! Honestly, I feel better on a daily basis doing it this way too, so that certainly makes me stick to the plan better.

  3. What about warming it up in the microwave. My husband likes his protein bars slightly warm.

  4. I didnt think they were that hard. I work for a private ambulance company and i dont always have time to eat a decent meal. I like these protein bars because theyre kind of like a candy bar but has nutrients and calories that i need.

  5. I disagree completely. These big 100 bars are some of the best protein bars I have tried. They are not very hard. The super cookie crunch is one of my favorites. I love the crunchy texture and natural chocolate taste. Most other bars taste fake/bland and are very chewy. If your reading my comment give the big 100 a try and decide for yourself if you like it.

  6. I disagree. I have tried many protein bars. Big 100 is my favorite and Super cookie crunch happens to be one of my favorite ones. The bars are not very hard at all. They are about the same consistency of a snikers bar. They are crunchy but it even says so in the name lol and I for one love the texture. It's not at all chewy like most other bars. It's very filling and I have been eating these for lunch instead of my usual 1500+ calorie fast food orders. To each their own but I would try it first before counting them out on behalf of crazy food dudes review.


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