Friday, September 7, 2018

5 Quick-Cooking Snacks to Try on Weekends

Most people spend their weekends at home doing chores and maybe trying new recipes. If you have kids, weekends are the best moments to try out new things with them. Despite playing games and watching movies, you can try cooking new snacks that are quick and easy to prepare. Listed below are just some of them:


These are snacks that are easy to make. Cookies can be prepared from different flavors and of different shapes and sizes. They can be prepared in plenty and stored for a few days without going bad. Children love cookies since they are crunchy and easy to carry to school or picnics. You only need to have the right kitchen appliances to be able to get the cookies of your choice. Check on kitchenitemsreview to decide which one is good for your kitchen activities.


These are a must-have snacks in most homes. You can choose to cook fruit cakes, forest cakes, cupcakes or any other type of cake you like. Cakes are favorite snacks for most people and only require a few minutes to bake. They can also portable and you can even take some with you to work. Cakes are also used to celebrate an occasion like a birthday party or wedding anniversaries. Make some for your kids over the weekend and keep them happy.

Sausage rolls and Sandwiches

Sausages are sweet and easy to cook. You can choose to deep fry or roast them. Once they are ready, you put them between two pieces of bread and they are ready to eat. To make a sandwich, cut the sausages into small round-shaped pieces, put them on a slice of bread and add your lettuce and mayonnaise. Sausages can also be added in vegetable salads when cut into small pieces.

Chicken Bites

Chicken is mostly used to make full meals, but you can also get snacks from it. You can choose to cut it into small pieces and deep fry it, then put it on a grill to dry and be crunchy. Another way you can prepare your chicken is mincing it and adding to already boiled potatoes. Chicken is sweet and most people love it, just prepare it in different ways to give it a good taste.


Potato chips are most common snacks in most homes. Chop your potatoes into thin long pieces and deep fry them. You can also choose to make sweet potato or banana chips for the weekend. Children love chips a lot and you can prepare some soup or vegetables and serve them with the chips to make a complete meal.

There are a variety of snacks to try on weekends that are easy and quick to make. It all depends with what you and your family like most. Snacks play a big role on weekends, especially during outdoor activities like picnics and outings. You just need to make enough and enjoy them for the rest of the week. You will need to be creative in the kitchen to be able to make different types of snacks for you and the ones you love.

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