Friday, August 31, 2018

5 Tips to Taking Your Wife out For a Surprise Date

 Going out on a surprise date with your wife can help in spicing up your marriage life. In fact, most couples are only committed to going out when they are still dating. Once they start living under the same roof, romance tends to go out through the window. As time passes by, you get tied into other commitments that are deemed to be more important than taking your wife for an outing. And before you know it, parenting roles take the center stage.

When you go for a date with your wife, you get an opportunity to talk the things that made you click in the first place and identify loopholes in your relationship that need to be sealed. The problem with some husbands is that they think that they have to take their wives to fancy restaurants for the date to be meaningful. You don’t have to rob a bank to please your wife, taking her to any restaurant on Putney High Street is enough to rekindle romance. Below are tips that can help you in arranging for a night out with your significant other. 

1. Keep It a Secret

Unlike other dates that are planned by both partners, a surprise date is usually organized by one partner who in this case has to be the husband. And since it’s supposed to be a secret, you should make sure that she doesn’t find out about your plans to take her out. You should actually plan for it discreetly so that she doesn’t get any hints. You should also avoid sharing your date idea with the people in her inner circles because they will break the news to her. Some of the people that you can’t trust with such a secret include her relatives and girlfriends.

2. Visit the Venue in Advance

Although the night out should be a mystery to your wife, you should know everything in advance because she will be following your lead when the appointed evening comes. It’s therefore important you visit the venue you intend to take her. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the establishment so that you know what to expect. The advantage of doing this is that you can budget for the date by checking the prices of food and drinks.

3. Get Rid of Distractions

Distractions can really ruin your date. You should therefore avoid them as much as you can. If your children are still little, you should make arrangements to bring in a babysitter or take them to a close relative. You should also avoid tagging any friends. Remember, the date is only meant for the both of you. If possible, both of your phones should be on silent mode so that you don’t have to receive or make any calls.

4. Take her to a Unique Place

Even if you are short of options, you should never take your spouse to a place that you have gone before or there won’t be any surprises. You should pick a venue that is a bit far from your home to an extent that she can’t guess where you are taking her. However, you should select a venue that serves her favorite delicacies and drinks to make the night more memorable.

5. Consider her Schedule

For best night out experience, the night out date should be scheduled on a day when your wife is less occupied. Taking her out when she has some unfinished business is a huge mistake because she will not be able to remain focused during the date. Since you are familiar with her schedule, you should be able to tell when she is not busy. When the appointed date comes, avoid getting into any fight with her right from the morning so that she can remain in a sober mood in the evening.

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