Monday, July 9, 2018

10 Secrets That Will Make You a BBQ Master

Many of us want to become great pitmasters but have no idea where to start. We wonder how pitmasters craft the perfect bite for patrons to enjoy. However, what does it really take to master the art of a good barbeque? Are there hard and fast tips that can get us well on our way? As it turns out, there are. We spoke to Tim Spade of and asked him for some tips anyone can use to become a barbeque master. He had quite a number for us — 10, to be exact. 

1.  Don't Be Afraid of Failure
“It’s very rare that you find someone who does something, anything, perfectly at first. It’s when you keep trying over and over again that you get really good.” Those were Spade's own words and we couldn’t put it better ourselves.
2. Space is the Key Consideration When Selecting a Smoker

You can put your smoker pretty much anywhere. However, you should figure that out first before you actually buy the smoker so you know which one to buy. Your options can actually get limited if you live in urban areas.
3.  What Will You Burn?

Here you have three choices: gas, wood or charcoal, with wood pellets being another possibility if you have a grill that uses them. Gas is always the best option for beginners who just want to set and forget. As you grow and go deeper into the craft, you can graduate to charcoal. Don’t worry if you’re a little confused about choice because hybrids exist.
4. Go for a Basic Grill If You’re a Beginner

“Sometimes even the most experienced barbeque pitmasters will go for a basic grill when they’re trying out new recipes, so don’t scoff at them as a beginner,” Spade insists.
5.  Smoke is Part of Your Ingredients

Smoke isn’t a cooking method that you use to get your barbeque done. Ask any pitmaster and they’ll tell you that smoke is to them what spices are to a regular chef. Under no circumstances should you use for liquid smoke — unless you're making a drink with it.

6. Certain Wood Is Better Than Others

You might think it’s as easy as getting a chopped piece of wood and throwing it into the smoker. Seasoned wood, the type that has had time to dry out, is generally better than fresh wood. On the other hand, wood that’s too dry is going to be too bad for your meat.
7.  Buy Versatile Coolers 

A good cooler should be just as good at keeping things warm as it is at keeping them cold. 

8.  Some Smokers Are Better Than Others

Good smoke should be light gray, almost transparent even. If you notice black smoke, then your meat is going taste terrible. 
9.  The Climate Matters to Your Cooking 

This one isn’t such a big deal for those who do their barbequing indoors. However, we all know that good barbeque happens outdoors. However, you have to be careful about the climate as it could affect the quality and taste of your cooking. Try to avoid very humid weather as well as rain or extremely windy conditions. 

10.  Keep Practicing

You don’t become a master overnight. You have to keep trying many times, repeating what works consistently. Eventually, you will be able to recreate that great smoked flavor every time.

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