Sunday, April 22, 2018

How Some Foods are Harmful to your Teeth

As the saying goes, you are what you eat! It is then essential that we should be careful about what we eat. Especially that now we are addressing safety matters about our teeth; this saying seems to be much relevant in this case. The food and beverages that we consume daily can be dangerous than we think. Some may cause plaque which in turn can be detrimental to our teeth. Plaque contributes to gum disease and eventually tooth decay. This is usually as a result of excess sugar intake from the sugary meals that we take. In the process, our teeth get damaged due to cavities from the bacteria caused by sugar. Let’s look at how some of these foods are harmful to our teeth.

1. Bread

Bread is a good meal to start a day, but did you know that it could be harmful to your teeth. Bread is known to be starchy wherein the process of chewing; the saliva breaks it down to sugar. In this state, it sticks to our teeth due to its gummy state. This then results in cavity formation thus damaging our tooth. If you must eat starchy food, there are plenty other sugar-free products you can opt for. Among them are whole-wheat and more. Click Here for more information on dental care.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is not, in any way, suitable for our health. This is something that even the most drunkard in your local bars understands better. However, we continue drinking ignorantly of the consequences that may arise. Aside from other side effects of alcohol you know, it can cause severe damage to your teeth. Alcohol dries out our mouth on consumption and in the process; it prevents saliva from washing our mouth naturally. The food particles then decay resulting in gum disease and tooth decay. The only remedy to this is changing your glass of alcohol with a glass of water and to observe a strict oral care on a daily basis.

3. Carbonated Drinks (Sodas)

Almost all carbonated drinks are high in sugar content. This factor makes them dangerous for consumption especially in regards to matters related to the health of our teeth. Carbonated drinks contain phosphoric and citric acids that when consumed in large quantities can erode the tooth enamel. So, for the safety of your teeth, it is commendable that you should avoid taking the carbonated drink, or at least drink at once instead of sipping.

4. Ice

Despite the fact that ice is water, it is also one of very dangerous food for our teeth. According to studies, especially when in form of ice cubes, ice can be hard when chewed. In the process, the ice might cause dental emergencies such as cracked and broken teeth. It is then important that ice should be used only on chilling beverages as opposed to chewing.

5. Chewable Pills

Some chewable tablets contain concentrated acids which can be dangerous to our teeth. As you chew, they cling to teeth, thereby, creating complications. The same applies to some of the famous mineral waters and healthy drinks out there.

Prevention is the only remedy to saving our teeth. There might be numerous ways of treating teeth such as the filling of crowns and professional whiteners. However, this should not be an excuse to be less careful about the state of your teeth. Avoiding is cheaper compared to these procedures, hence, just ensure that you eat right and above all, maintain a good oral health.

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