Monday, April 30, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer works by sucking the air out of a container or a plastic bag such that no air gets back in. vacuum sealers have a number of uses in a home and you should consider buying one if you don’t have one already. You can use a vacuum sealer to seal jars and bottles, protect corrosion, store food and prepare for any emergency. If you are considering buying a vacuum sealer, it is advisable to check various vacuum sealer review online to choose the right sealer. There are different types of vacuum sealers on the market today. They can have different uses, pros and cons. It is up to you to choose the right vacuum sealer depending on how you are planning to use it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a vacuum sealer in your home:

1. Food storage

A vacuum sealer can be used to extend the shelf life of the food in the freezer, refrigerator and in the pantry. You just need to know how you are supposed to store food in each of the appliances. You can use to store meat and fresh frozen produce e.g. peppers, kales, blueberries, green beans, strawberries, broccoli for years (not months) in a freezer.

If you are using a refrigerator, you can vacuum seal your food to last for a few weeks rather than days. Besides foods, you can also seal drinks and other liquids if you would like to store in the refrigerator. If you’ve dried goods, you can store them in the pantry for a longer period of time.

2. Sealing or resealing in – food saver bags

Although you can use clothespins or chips clips to prevent spillages in your pantry, they are not as effective as vacuum sealers, especially in humid conditions. With a vacuum sealer, you can effectively seal or reseal food saver bags (if you’ve already opened them) to increase the shelf life of the foods e.g. baking supplies, herbs, spices etc.

3. Protect from corrosion

When iron is exposed to oxygen and moisture for a period of time, it forms Iron (III) Oxide (rust). You can use a vacuum sealer to prevent your silver cutlery from corroding. You just need to warp the cutlery using a thick paper or a cloth to prevent the sharp knives, forks or even spoons from puncturing the vacuum bag. After wrapping them carefully, then vacuum seal the bag by removing all the air.

4. Prepare for emergency

If you like buying some items as a stockpile e.g. Band-aids, you should consider having a vacuum sealer to store them properly. Band-aids can lose their adhesive nature if they are stored inappropriately or handled poorly. You just need to unfold and flatten the boxes while the bandages are still inside. Then, vacuum seal boxes together.

5. Sous Vide cooking

A vacuum sealer can be of help when prepping your sous vide dishes. Food saver bags used in sous vide cooking are usually sturdy and this extends heating and liquid exposure. To prevent the food from floating, you just need to remove the air from sous vide bags. When these bags float, they result in uneven cooking and a vacuum sealer can be vital to improve your sous vide cooking.

It is evident that vacuum sealers have numerous uses in our homes. But, when buying one, you should consider a number of features to make the right choice. Some of the features you should consider include: a detached accessory hose or retractable accessory hose and fully automatic or partial automatic sealing. There are other features you should consider and only a thorough research can help you achieve that.

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