Saturday, December 30, 2017

Is caviar good for you

Caviar has been a staple luxury food for a very long time. It is famous for being outrageously expensive and scarce. But, what is caviar actually?

Simply put, caviar is fish roe – eggs harvested from fish. One type of fish is believed to produce the best caviar – the sturgeon. The caviar harvested from the sturgeon can either be light pink or black, and the black caviar is considered to be the lesser one. Its quality is lower and its taste poorer. However, this means that the price of black caviar is much more acceptable. What is more, not everyone is a fan of this food. In fact, caviar's distinctive taste means that either people like it or they do not. It truly is an acquired taste.

Having in mind that it is merely fish eggs, we have to ask ourselves – is it healthy?
Actually, the answer is yes. Caviar is very good for you because it is packed with many different nutrients.

• A great source of vitamins

Since caviar comes from fish, it should come as no surprise that is loaded with  fatty acids. Omega-3 is necessary for the proper function of our immune system, for our brains and the whole nervous system, and for our cardiovascular system.
Moreover, one single serving of caviar per day can supply us with the necessary amount of B12. This vitamin is also essential for the healthy function of our nervous system. Lack of this vitamin can lead to some serious health issues, such as a dangerous type of anemia called pernicious anemia.

• Minerals galore

In addition to vitamins, caviar contains many different minerals, such as Magnesium, Iron, and Selenium.

Magnesium is necessary for the proper function of both our brain and our heart. What is more, our muscles need magnesium, too. It also calms our anxiety and increases our energy. In people suffering from insomnia, it was found to have a helpful effect in easing the condition.
Another crucial mineral that our body requires is iron, and luckily caviar contains it in sufficient amounts. By eating caviar, we can take in this mineral that is essential in maintaining a healthy level of red blood cells.

Moreover, Selenium is said to also help improve our blood flow and strengthen our immunity. Since it is a powerful antioxidant, it is believed it can help reduce the risk of cancer. What is more, it helps our body in relieving the stress caused by many oxidants.

• Protein punch

As is common for fish and fish products, caviar is also extremely low in saturated fats and high in protein. This makes it especially appealing for people who are on a restrictive diet. However, it should be appealing to everyone looking to maintain a balanced nutrition.

Thanks to fish farms and breeding, caviar’s availability is becoming greater. This means it is more affordable now than ever before. Most probably, its price will continue to drop even further in the coming months and years. So, we should take advantage of this fact, having in mind the many health benefits it carries.

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