Monday, November 20, 2017

Skip the Food: 8 Drinks with Added Health Benets

Paying attention to your diet is extremely important, whether you’re doing so to lose weight or simply to stay healthy. While we all hear that fruits and vegetables are good for you for different reasons, there are actually plenty of other food and drinks out there that do more than just provide you with extra vitamins and minerals. When you’re really trying to get the most bang for your diet, then be sure to explore these 8 drinks that include added health benefits.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
Although apple cider vinegar tastes awful on its own, but when added with other drinks or foods, you’ll appreciate all the benefits this provides. For starters, apple cider vinegar regulates blood sugar levels, helps control cholesterol levels, helps with weight loss, and can even provide antibacterial properties to treat infection. Having even a small amount of this a day can provide you with plenty of benefits that will improve your health in many ways.

2. Kava Kava
Kava Kava may not be a household name like apple cider vinegar, but it will be once you realize how great it is for you. So what is Kava Kava? It’s a beverage that hails from the South Pacific Islands and helps you relax by promoting a better mood. Sometimes Kava Kava can cause drowsiness, so it’s best not to drive after consuming this beverage. Plus, it also has a reverse tolerance, which means that the more often you drink it, the more of it you’ll need to drink to get your desired effects.

3. Green Tea
Tea has been known as a healthy drink for years, but green tea is one of the better ones for you. Green tea can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, cavities, osteoporosis, and even cancer. In fact, it’s also a natural antioxidant, which can help you from getting sick, and the natural fluoride in the tea is great for your teeth, so you’ll reap plenty of benefits when you add this to your day-to-day menu.

4. Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranates are very good for you, but getting to the pomegranate seeds can be a real pain in the butt. Instead, you can get the same benefits from drinking pomegranate juice, which tastes just as good as a pomegranate and comes without the hassle. This drink has a lot of antioxidants that prevent inflammation, cancer, and even heart disease.

5. Beet Juice
Beets seem to be one of those things you either like or dislike, and if you like it, beet juice is important to add to your diet. This juice can actually help to lower your blood pressure, increase blood flow to the brain, and even increase your stamina. Plus, it’s also great for your liver, so if you want a lot of benefits for your health, then be sure to find some beet juice and stock up on it.

6. Kale Juice
Kale is the new rage when it comes to salads, so why not consider it as a juice? Not only will you get multiple servings of a healthy vegetable, but you’ll also be consuming one that is known to improve your bone health and even regulate your bowels. Plus, kale juice is something you can easily make at home, which allows you to ensure you’re getting straight kale for the healthiest juice of all.

7. Ginger Tea
Like green tea, ginger tea is a very healthy drink. While green tea is packed with antioxidants, ginger tea is the best thing for you if you have stomach issues, pregnancy related nausea, or even motion sickness. You can either buy ginger tea from the store or brew your own using ginger root from the store. Either way, you’ll be getting a healthy drink that will provide you with plenty of benefits.

8. Cranberry Juice
Cranberry juice is the go-to drink for those suffering from a UTI, and that’s because this model will start to work against infections after only 8 hours. If you drink cranberry juice regularly, your body will already be fighting against it, which will make you less likely to get a UTI. Just be sure you’re opting for real cranberry juice and not cranberry juice cocktail.

Although drinking these drinks should never take the place of a meal and having a balanced diet, they can be a great addition to your healthy diet. Find the drinks that provide you with the benefits you’re looking for and be sure to consume them regularly for added perks.

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