Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: Curate Indulgent Dark Chocolate & Hazelnuts Bar

Another day in the books for me, which means its time for me to curate another review.  Like that brilliant introduction/segue into this review?  Yeah, it's incredibly lame.  Anyway, I was able to pick up another one of these Curate bars at Kroger for about $1.79 and since it really is another day, that means it is time for another review.  This time it's the Curate Indulgent Dark Chocolate & Hazelnuts Bar.  This bar clocks in at 1.59 ounces and packs 200 calories and six grams of protein into that package.  It's also gluten free if that is your thing and you are interested.

Just like the last Curate bar, I could not have been more confused by this wrapper.  I mean, there's just a listing of ingredients strewn everywhere!  It makes it difficult (a little) to find what the bar's actual name is.  In this case, it's dark chocolate and hazelnuts that they are focusing on and the color and smell of the bar obviously portrays that dark chocolate.  The mix of the bar portrays the dark chocolate again with big chunks of dark chocolate along with hazelnuts, but it also had a mix of almonds included as well.  Finally, there's a mix of quinoa and chia seeds "for texture" as they Curate website states.  There's also vanilla included in the grand scheme of the mix "for sweetness", but that vanilla isn't really visible.  It does carry a faint smell though, so that is nice (there's some additional nutty smell).

Biting into this, it had a texture of softness, chewiness and graininess, so the effect that Curate was looking for was successful.  As for the flavor, it was successful too.  None of the flavors were particularly strong, but they were all there.  The dark chocolate was kind of flat on it's own, butonce the vanilla was added in with its sweetness, the dark chocolate was assisted with a little bit of oomph.  The nuts were pretty much just nutty flavor.  Combined, they hazelnuts and almonds tasted so much like peanuts to me that I had to do a double-take to make sure there were no peanuts in this bar.  They weren't salty like peanuts, but they did have that flavor, in my opinion.  As for the remaining quinoa and chia seeds, well, they were just there for texture.  Not a lot of flavor there.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Nothing about this bar stood out other than the fact that the wrapper listed a whole bunch of ingredients and confused the heck out of me.  That said, there was enough flavor in here to recommend a BUY IT rating for this as it did make for an appealing eating experience.  All in all, just a solid but not spectacular performer.


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