Friday, March 4, 2016

Review: Chobani flip PB&J Greek Yogurt

There are certain foods that just remind you of childhood.  Some of them are foods that you only eat during your childhood and then move on (Pixy Stix for me) and others are foods that stay with you for a lifetime.  Today's review is an attempt by Chobani to try to re-create one of those foods that has stayed with me for a lifetime in Greek yogurt form.  If you've already read the title of this post, you obviously know what that childhood delight is, so I'll just move on with adding today's review of this Chobani flip PB&J Greek Yogurt to my Chobani review collection.  I was able to pick this up on sale at Kroger for $0.88 and each cup comes in at 5.3 ounces with 200 calories and twelve grams of protein.  It's also all natural, kosher and vegetarian as well.

I don't know about you, but most of my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when I was a kid involved grape jelly.  Chobani chose to make this strawberry instead, which really makes no difference to me, so I'm not sure why I bring it up.  Anyway, since this is part of the flip product line, the strawberry Greek yogurt is in one compartment (thick, creamy and smelling of strawberry) and the mix-ins are in the other compartment (clusters of peanut butter, honey roasted peanuts and honey coated granola).  Not sure I really associate granola with my childhood sandwich, but I'll play along.

First tasting the strawberry yogurt, it was what I expected.  Nice strawberry flavor with a hint of sweet and a hint of tart since it is Greek yogurt.  Some small chunks of strawberry were in there too to make it a little bit more fun.  No real surprises though.  Next, I went for the peanut butter clusters and while they obviously tasted like peanut butter, it wasn't an overly strong peanut butter and that kind of made me sad.  It was soft and chewy though.  The peanuts and granola were just as I expected.  Finally, I mixed them all together and what I got was a combination that was mostly strawberry with a hint of peanut butter.  The texture was chewy, crunchy, etc., but the peanut butter flavor of the "sandwich" was not nearly as prevalent as I would have liked.  More of a compliment than a major player.

Buy It or Fly By It?
 Sure, I would have liked the peanut butter to be more of a major player, but that's a personal preference since I'm a peanut butter freak.  A lot of people could enjoy this in its present compilation and while I have my minor complaints, this was still tasty and gets a BUY IT rating.  Not quite the sandwich of my youth (or adulthood), but definitely something that is worth eating.


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