Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Promax Nutty Butter Crisp Protein Bar

I've been remiss in adding more product to my Promax review collection.  What makes that really pathetic is that I was given a batch of free samples and it has taken me forever to get through them.  Well, today is another addition to that collection (only one more free sample to go) as I take a look at this Promax Nutty Butter Crisp Protein Bar, which is one of Promax's original flavors.  Hooray for that, I suppose.  It's also a bulky protein bar that clocks in at 2.64 ounces and has 300 calories with twenty grams of protein.  It's also gluten free, kosher and vegetarian, so it could be eaten by a wide variety of audiences (I'm trying to spin as much as I can to being positive today).

There's not a whole lot to look at with this bar in that it is pretty basic.  The nutty part of the bar is peanut butter and that is mixed in with the soy crisp interior of the bar.  The butter part of the bar is basically on top of the soy crisp if you look in the photo in the above and then the entire bar is coated in chocolate.  Basically, I think you can think of this as a convoluted version of a Heath candy bar.  In that it is trying to be chocolate covered toffee + peanut butter.  It smelled strongly of peanut butter and that toffee smell, so while not attractive, I supposed I can give Promax kudos for the presentation of this.

In terms of taste, it was tough to bite into and chew.  That's where the protein comes are supposed to be tough when eating this.  In terms of the flavor, there was some peanut butter taste and there was some butter/toffee taste, but there was no chocolate taste.  The toffee-like taste saved this from being entirely boring, so that is a good thing.  That toffee like taste also brought some sweetness to the bar because if this had just been a peanut butter flavor (a totally manufactured tasting flavor, by the way), this would have been inedible.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Not the best, not the worst.  I certainly wouldn't actively seeking out, but I did not regret eating it because it was flavorful enough to keep me interested.  That tepid positive statement gets this one a BUY IT rating, although it's not a particularly strong one.  What I'm saying is that there are better bars out there, but this one isn't so bad itself.


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