Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Chobani Simply 100 Crunch Mango Cone Crisp Greek Yogurt

So here we go.  The empire of Chobani continues to expand.  I've mentioned it before, but it never ceases to amaze me...when I started this blog, Chobani was a cute little upstart.  In that 4+ years, they've become a powerhouse with multiple product lines spanning the yogurt section of the refrigerator at the grocery store.  It's also helped make Greek yogurt mainstream and there's so much Greek yogurt out there now compared to four years ago that it's insane when I really step back and think about it.  Today's Chobani Simply 100 Crunch Mango Cone Crisp Greek Yogurt is the product of one of those new product lines.  It's a smallish 4.2 ounces and has 100 calories and ten grams of protein.  As with all Chobani products, it's also all natural.

Chobani starts this out with the split, two container design.  In one container is the thick, creamy and mango-smelling Greek yogurt.  In the other container are the mix-ins, which included waffle cone pieces, dried mango pieces and graham cookies.  As you can see, there is a variety of those pieces that are amply spread out throughout the container, although not too spread out as there isn't really a ton of them.

First taking a quick spoonful of the Greek yogurt, I was immediately able to identify this as having mango flavoring.  It was both sweet and tart and while the mango flavor wasn't overpowering, it certainly did make its presence known.  After getting that assessment of the yogurt itself, I dumped the mix-ins into the yogurt container and went in for a taste.  What I got was a crunchy/creamy mix of yogurt.  The graham cookie pieces definitely brought honey-flavored sweetness to this, along with some crunch as I'd expect.  The waffle cone pieces didn't have a lot of flavor, but they did do a good job adding texture.  As for the dried mango pieces, they didn't bring crunch but they did bring some chewiness and extra mango flavor to the entire package.

Buy It or Fly By It? This was quite the tasty composition of Greek yogurt and mix-ins, so it gets a BUY IT rating.  It wasn't too much mango and it did a good job balancing sweet and tart.  One thing that I do wish this had though was more of it.  4.2 ounces is kind of diminutive in the grand scheme of yogurts (they usually run in the five-to-six ounce range), so that extra ounce would have been nice.  It certainly would have added to the enjoyment factor of this.



  1. I thought this yogurt was horrible. Yucky stevia flavor. Mango pieces so chewy I was unable to masticate them. I threw it out.

  2. Agreed as above. YUCK!


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