Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review: thinkThin Pumpkin Spice Protein & Fiber Bar

So I guess it's that time to roll through all the Limited Edition pumpkin-flavored bars since they are overloading the shelves of my local grocery stores.  I already looked at one pumpkin-flavored bar earlier this week, so now it's time to add another thinkThin review to the blog and take a look at this thinkThin Pumpkin Spice Protein & Fiber Bar that I was able to pick up at Kroger for $1.00.  It clocks in at 1.41 ounces and has a modest 150 calories with ten grams of protein.

In my pumpkin bar review earlier this week, I made the comment that I don't often see white chocolate paired with pumpkin.  Well, I've apparently been asleep at the wheel and/or had my head stuck in a hole in the ground because that seems to be a common pairing.  There was the bar earlier this week and then there's this bar, which is white chocolate dipped.  Dipped apparently means that there's a thick white chocolate outer coating and I'm very much okay with it because I'm a very large white chocolate fan.  That white chocolate carried a strong smell too, so from a presentation perspective, that made it more attractive to me.  The very thin bar (appropriately named) also had a smell of "spice" to it as well, so I knew that would be covered as well.  Lastly, I was surprised by how soft and pliable this bar was.  That was encouraging to me because it was a good indicator that I probably wouldn't be breaking any teeth while trying to eat this.

Biting into this, it was definitely soft and chewy with the occasional light crunch of the rice crisps included inside.  It almost had the texture and feeling of a baked product, so that was very nice to me.  The white chocolate flavor was also rich and sweet and the sweets freak in me absolutely loved that.  That rich white chocolate flavor, which also coated the interior in a melty way, was then assisted by a mild pumpkin flavor that while not strong, was definitely noticeable.  What seemed to be missing to me was the spice part of the bar, but after I chewed for a bit (it was a big bite I took), the spice started to come on late and while not overly spicy, it was definitely a player.  It didn't linger too long though and I appreciated that because I'm not particularly fond of when the spice does linger.  All in all, this was a sweet treat with a hint of spice.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I mentioned in that last sentence that it was only a hint of spice and that was perfect because it toed the line of being a bit too much spice for me.  Since it didn't cross that line and was just a nice little accent flavor, I very much enjoyed this and give it a BUY IT rating.  If you are a pumpkin person and see this in the store in its limited run, I'd recommend thinking thin and grabbing this off the shelf for a nice snack treat.


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