Monday, October 26, 2015

Review: Van's Blissfully Berry Gluten Free Cereals

So I mentioned in my previous Van's review that someone in their public relations firm (or perhaps department) was kind enough to ship me a couple of boxes of their gluten free cereals for review.  I already looked at one, so today's reviews leads me to take a look a the other box that was shipped to me as I examine this box of Van's Blissfully Berry Gluten Free Cereals.  This box has nine three-quarter cup servings contained within it and each serving comes in at 110 calories.  It's gluten free of course and also hits you up with all sorts of fiber and whole grains, so hooray for that if that is the way that you like to start your day.  The tagline says that you can start your day with a "Blissful Breakfast", so if you are in to fiber and whole grains like this has got, perhaps that is blissful for you.  I'm not really into starting my day at all as I'd rather stay in bed, but to each their own.

As you can see, these are pinkish colored loop made of grain.  Not a lot there.  I will say that they smell blissfully of berry and had I not looked at the box (after the fact) to see that this berry was strawberry, I would have never had any clue it was.  I mean, it definitely had a berry smell, but it was not a distinguishable smell.  That's all there is here.  These did have an exterior coating to them that made them moderately shiny, so I guess there's that too.

In terms of texture, these were just like the other cereal.  Crunchy and grainy.  Nothing else going on.  In terms of flavor, it was just like the definitely had berry flavor, but the berry was not distinguishable.  Now that I have looked at the box after the fact though, I guess I can see how this was strawberry as it did have that mildly sweet taste to it like a strawberry flavored product would have.  Everything else was just standard whole grain cereal.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Unless you've got a dietary restriction, there's nothing notable enough about this cereal for me to give it a rating other than FLY BY IT.  It's expensive, it's somewhat boring and while I appreciate the freebie and also the effort by Van's to make this product, it's not really all that wonderful.  Too bad because I really wish I could like this because it does have a lot going for it from a health and dietary perspective.


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