Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: Ben & Jerry's Save Our Swirled Ice Cream

So we all know Ben & Jerry's can get creative with their names and my numerous reviews have shown that.  What some of us know, but not all know, is that Ben & Jerry's is also a very socially and politically active company that advocates many causes such as world peace, climate initiatives, etc.  Today's review of this pint of Ben & Jerry's Save Our Swirled Ice Cream is a flavor that they've put out to raise awareness of their Climate Movement.  In order to do that, they've even put a cute missive on the flavor's webpage that states "SOS! It’s more than just a call to action: it’s a swirled-class flavor you can’t resist, and a climate change message you can’t ignore. If it’s melted, it’s ruined."  I'll refrain from commenting on the issue itself (there's more detail on the site and also in my link above), but I can appreciate the creativity in the name and that brief missive.  Anyway, the pint itself is the typical four half-cup servings and each serving is a somewhat economical (for Ben & Jerry's) 250 calories per serving.  I picked this up on closeout at Kroger for $2.74, so I'm not sure how much longer it'll be on the shelves or if it is being transitioned out already.

Since I'm just copying and pasting from the Ben & Jerry's site already, I'll go ahead and do the same with their description of this flavor:  "Raspberry Ice Cream with Marshmallow & Raspberry Swirls & Dark & White Fudge Ice Cream Cones."  Now after reading that description, I'll admit that my picture above doesn't quite do it justice because I pulled one of my gluttonous moves with this pint and ate most of it before I remembered that I needed to take a picture.  What is noticeable absent from my picture are the dark & white fudge ice cream cones and if you want to see what those look like, I'd point you to the actual product page linked on the website above.  Now, I can confirm that the cones were present in this pint (prior to me devouring them) and while there weren't a ton of them, there was a fair amount.  As for everything else, it's just as Ben & Jerry's described it.  Again, not in an overloaded amount, but I definitely was not getting cheated.

Being that there was raspberry ice cream and raspberry swirls in here, it should come as no surprise that there was a lot of raspberry flavor in here.  It was sweet and tart and it was really nice flavor because it was noticeable, but not overpowering.  What was also nice was that the marshmallow provided some gooey quality to this, although it did make it more sweet.  Topping that off was the white and dark fudge ice cream cone pieces which kind of softened up on me and became chewy as opposed to crunchy, but that didn't bother me all that much.  I kind of liked them being chewy and thought it fit within the grand scheme of this pint.  The white fudge pieces added more sweetness to this I'm sure, but there was so much sweet in here (again, not overpowering) that it really was hard to determine if it was the white fudge pieces or the ice cream.  The dark fudge pieces on the other hand were more just there for texture because there was no way any sort of dark fudge's flavor would stand out in this sweet pint.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Regular readers will now I'm a professed sweets junkie, so this was right up my alley and gets a BUY IT rating.  Certainly not the best pint of ice cream I've ever eaten, but it was one that was thoroughly enjoyable, especially if you are a sweet(s) guy like I am.  I will say that if you are on the fence about sweets, you might want to steer away because there is a strong chance that this could be too much for you.


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  1. Oh yum - this is getting launched in the UK too! Yay! Eventually another new flavour for us! Can't wait to try it, especially after reading this review.


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