Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate Ripple Low Fat Ice Cream Bars

I've been shying away from Skinny Cow product reviews because their flavors have gone stale and because their products are just too expensive to buy on a regular basis.  On a recent trip to Kroger, not only was I met with a sale but I was also met with some new flavors of products in their low fat ice cream bar line.  One of those products was this box of five Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate Ripple Low Fat Ice Cream Bars that I was able to pick up for $2.99 on sale, which is a pretty solid price for Skinny Cow products.  Typically, they run $4-5.  Anyway, each bar in the box is 2.65 fluid ounces and comes in at 170 calories per bar.

When I looked at the outside of the box, I thought the design of these bars looked kind of fun in that it was chocolate ice cream with chocolate swirls on the inside.  What I got is something decidedly less fun, as you can see in the picture above.  The chocolate shell was there and the chocolate ice cream was there, but there certainly was not any sort of chocolate fudge swirl.  I'll do a little spoiler alert here, but I don't remember seeing the swirl the entire time I ate the bar through multiple bites.  That said, there is a chance that I just got a "defective" bar and I'll be anxious to see what happens as I move forward throughout the box because I held myself at bay for once and didn't eat more than one bar from the box at one time.  That might be a first in this blog's history.

Taking a bite of this, the flavor was unsurprisingly a lot of chocolate.  The chocolate wasn't a particularly sweet chocolate, but it was dense.  Honestly, the chocolate flavoring was kind of flat and since this was a low fat ice cream, the ice cream was flat and light.  The chocolate shell did do its job and melt over the ice cream, but again, it wasn't overly sweet.  As for the fudge swirls...well, we've already covered that...there really weren't any that I can see, but if there were some in there, their chocolate flavor didn't really do anything to affect this bar in any way.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I love chocolate as much as anyone and the idea of a chocolate presented in three different fashions is kind of exciting on a conceptual level.  In practice with this bar though, it didn't deliver anything more than a blah experience, so I'll give this a FLY BY IT rating.  Not to say that this was a bad bar in anyway, but for the price (even the sale price, which was a steal compared to normal pricing), I'd expect a much more tasty eating experience.  This bar just didn't do that.


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  1. Thanks - always think about trying their products, but for the calories and sugar, I think I can do better (what would I do for a Klondike bar..and they have sugar free! :)).


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