Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon Ice Cream

So I touched on Baskin Robbins and their fake pints (fourteen ounces) of ice cream last fall but haven't really done much since then.  I have been generally trying to stay away from ice cream (a very cold winter helped that), but I am shocked that it's taken this long for me to pick up another fake pint for a review.  With that brilliant and eloquent introduction, it's now time for me to take a look at this fourteen ounce container of Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ice Cream that I picked up at Meijer on sale (with a coupon) for $2.99.  Within the fake pint (I'm not bitter), there are 3.5 servings 1/2 cup servings of ice cream and each serving is 210 calories, which is fairly modest.

There's really not a ton to this.  It's three fairly basic components all mixed together.  Vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and a caramel ribbon.  As the picture above will show, the vanilla and chocolate ice creams are quite easy to find.  The caramel ribbon is a bit more difficult to find as it is buried among the ice cream in the fake pint, but if you look near the edges in the chocolate and vanilla sections, you can seem some brownish coloring in there for the caramel.  I will note that even though this was in my overly cold freezer, the ice cream was particularly easy to flake out, so that was nice in at least presenting itself as being very creamy, like a soft serve ice cream instead of the rock hard ice cream variety like sometimes happens with Ben & Jerry's pints.

In terms of flavor, this was pretty much what I'd expect since this is a classic flavor.  I will point out that both flavors of ice cream were extremely creamy and I very much appreciated that.  The vanilla ice cream had very pleasant vanilla flavor and while the chocolate ice cream was a little flat (most chocolate ice creams are in my experience), it worked well as a counterbalance to the vanilla.  The caramel then added some different texture to this as it was gooey and brought a mild bite of sweetness to the soothing flavors of the vanilla and chocolate ice cream.  All in all, this was three classic flavors all wrapped into one that balanced each other out well.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I firmly thing that this container had my top three flavors (not going to rank them) of all types of sweets that I eat rolled into one and it delivered well on all of them, so this gets a BUY IT rating.  Nothing about this was particularly outstanding, but it was a solid, all-around performer that provided me with a nice dessert experience and that makes it worthwhile to me.


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