Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: La Chocolãt Strawberry with Dark Chocolate Chips Lowfat Yogurt

In my first La Chocolãt review, I mentioned that I was intrigued by the newness of the product but in the end, it kind of fell flat in terms of taste.  It was with that introduction to La Chocolãt that I dove into this second review with expectations that were fairly low due to my first experience.  Like last time, I picked this up at Kroger for $0.99 and each cup of La Chocolãt Strawberry with Dark Chocolate Chips Lowfat Yogurt comes in at 6.0 ounces.  That cup full of yogurt is then packed with 190 calories and seven grams of low fat protein.  It's also gluten free, kosher and loaded with probiotics.

Just like last time, one of the first things that I noticed upon taking the lid off of this was that it was that the dark chocolate chips (thin shavings) were plentifully scattered throughout this cup of strawberry yogurt.  The yogurt was pinkish in color, as I'd expect from a strawberry yogurt, and it did have a mild strawberry smell.  It was surprisingly thin in terms of its thickness, but that's not really a big deal to me as long as the flavoring is there.

I took my first spoonful and while I ordinarily try to taste components separately, the plethora of dark chocolate shavings in here made that rather difficult, so I tasted the entire package at once and what I got was a spoonful of yogurt that really showed both components quite well.  The yogurt itself, while slightly thin, had sweet, mild strawberry flavor that was very cooling and pleasing.  That yogurt then had the dark chocolate chips mixed in with it that added a texture variant and then also melted quickly within my mouth to provide a somewhat decadent quality...almost like a chocolate covered strawberry that melts in your mouth.  The dark chocolate shavings didn't have a ton of dark chocolate flavor, but they did have enough that I knew I was eating dark chocolate, no matter how mildly flavored it was.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I found myself enjoying this quite a bit, which was nice considering my first experience with a La Chocolãt product.  Obviously since I'm saying that I enjoyed this, that clearly means that it gets a BUY IT rating.  My only small complaint is that I wish the yogurt had not been quite as loose as it was, but that really didn't matter in the end as the flavor of this was just fine.


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