Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review: Kellogg's Special K Divine Fudge Brownies

So here we go again with Kellogg's Special K.  I already took a look at a different new version of these Special K brownies, but since I seemingly buy everything in pairs, today's review is a look at the newly released Kellogg's Special K Divine Fudge Brownies that I picked up for the same $2.49 price as the previous box at Kroger.  Like last time, Kellogg's has oddly (pun intended) decided to put SEVEN of these brownies in a box as opposed to a typical six, eight or ten.  Each brownie in the box is a diminutive 0.7 ounces and packs 80 calories with less than one gram of protein.

The box and wrapper take away the mystery, but as I said in my previous brownie review, I don't think you really get a grasp on how small these are until after you take them out of the packaging.  They are tiny.  Anyway, they are soft and pliable and are filled with chocolate chips.  They are also topped with a chocolate swirl (technically I should be calling this all fudge, I guess) and the entire thing carries a potent smell of chocolate.  If you are a fan of just a pure chocolate brownie as many are (including my brother), just the presentation of this is going to put you into heaven.

Biting into this, it was definitely soft and chewy as I expected.  The chocolate chips (fudge) also provided the occasional pop, but they melted quickly to coat the baked portion of the brownie.  Basically, in terms of the flavor profile, there's only one thing to talk about here...chocolate.  This was an absurd (in a good way) amount of chocolate and it was sweet, decadent and almost tooth rattling in terms of its richness.  A whole lot of chocolate (fudge) and it was coming from all directions as it was melting as part of the icing and chips and also coming from the baked portion of the bar.  Chocolate, chocolate everywhere.

Buy It or Fly By It?  For those that have an out of control sweet tooth and I'm raising my hand as I type this, this is going to be right up your alley.  Since I've already raised my hand, it clearly gets a BUY IT rating from me.  If you are just so-so on your sweets and/or chocolate, this might be too much for you.  Much like last time, I found myself being moderately upset that these were so small because there was no way that I could just eat one each time.  They were that good.  Kellogg's may be a mass producer and do too much at times, but they can keep this one rolling off the assembly line!


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  1. I agree.. I eat these everyday and there amazing!!


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