Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: Leclerc Chocomax Chocolate & Caramel Coated Nougat Bars

In my last Leclerc review, I had fun with the fact that these are made in Canada and that they pitch these pretty hard on their website (they were successful in their pitch).  In the instance of today's review, I'll have a little more fun with their website pitch lines again as today's review is tagged with "Caramel and chocolate simply belong together!"  Well, we'll just have to see about that, won't we?  Anyway, I picked up this box of six Leclerc Chocomax Chocolate & Caramel Coated Nougat Bars on clearance at Kroger again for $2.09 and each bar in the box is 1.1 ounces and has 130 calories with one gram of protein.

Once again, the box ruins the big reveal, so I already had a good expectation of what this was going to look like going in.  That said, I think the box did a pretty good job representing what this would actually look like and I consider that an accomplishment because as we all know, that is OFTEN not the case.  Anyway, this is a nougat bar and the first thing I think of when I think of nougat bars is a Snickers bar.  I'd say that this appeared to be reasonably close to that Snickers bar and while it isn't my favorite candy bar, it's still a darn good one.  Much like the last bar, there was a strong milk chocolate smell out of the wrapper, followed up by a strong smell of caramel.  Those are the two named ingredients, so it should be expected that those are the two strong smelling part of the bar.  As for the interior of the bar, the caramel ribbon topped the approximation of the nougat base and since nougat bases in candy bars are often soft, I would have expected this one to be as well and it definitely was.  This was as soft of a bar as I've encountered on this blog.  Again, similar to the candy bar that I've already mentioned.  Within that nougat mix were small shards of peanut, so despite the color difference from a Snickers bar, this was pretty much a near identical, albeit smaller, replication.

It walked like a duck and it talked like a duck, although since this is a Canadian bar, perhaps I should say that it looked like a Canadian goose and it walked like a Canadian goose (Canadian geese are the vermin of the sky, by the way).  The chocolate flavor was sweet and rich and then that was punctuated by even more sweet and rich flavor with the caramel.  There was no mistaking this was the sweet kind of caramel and since that's my favorite kind of caramel, I very much enjoyed that.  That gooey caramel and melting chocolate then all mixed in with the extremely chewy nougat interior that had the occasional small pop of peanut mixed in.  If anything, this bar was so soft, melty and stick that it kind of got stuck to my teeth as I was making my way through it.  Again, like the aforementioned candy bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I'm not sure why Kroger had these placed in the same aisle as the breakfast bars and granola bars because in my mind, there is no doubt that this is a candy bar and should be treated accordingly.  Despite whether it's product placement is wrong or right, it is still delicious and deserving of a BUY IT rating.  Another Leclerc and Canadian product that I'm recommending here on the blog...perhaps I need to get a tattoo of a red maple leaf.  Okay, maybe that's a bit much, but these crazy Canadians (from Quebec no less!) have been impressing me so far.


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