Friday, January 9, 2015

Review: Chef Robert Irvine's FortiFX Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream Protein Bar

I've mentioned many times on this blog that I really like the Food Network and on that network, one of my favorite chefs is Robert Irvine.  Not because he's necessarily the world's greatest chef, but because he's a charismatic and engaging personality and his shows are generally pretty good.  I took a look at one of his bars long ago and I liked it quite a bit, but I've had difficulty finding them since then, thus the absence.  On a recent sojourn to the Walmart Neighborhood Market, I was finally able to stumble upon a different flavor in this Chef Robert Irvine's FortiFX Fit Crunch Cookies and Cream Protein Bar that I grabbed for $1.99.  This one clocks in at 1.62 ounces with 190 calories and sixteen grams of protein, by the way.

The wrapper of this bar proudly proclaims that this is a six layer bar and all six of those layers are shown in all of their glory in the photo above.  Instead of me probably erroneously describing it, I'll let the product website describe the composition of those six layers:  "A rich, chocolate cookie core, is layered with fluffy vanilla cream, crunchy chocolate graham bits, high protein white chocolate and chocolate crisps. Lastly, we top each bar with a high protein chocolate and white chocolate drizzle."  So, that's a lot of stuff going on in a relatively small bar and it was clear that this was a baked bar as well as none of its composition had that gummy and/or manufactured feel to it, so that was nice.  It definitely smelled richly of chocolate and cream too, so I was quite anxious to dive into this.

After my first bite, my initial thought was that this was a chocolate (milk and white) covered Oreo cookie and I was in heaven.  Both chocolates were rich, melty and decadent.  The cookie interior definitely had that baked taste as it was alternately crunchy and chewy like a baked cookie would be.  The vanilla cream then brought more wonderful flavor to this and then the chocolate graham bits that were spread throughout the chocolate coating of the bar brought more crunch and a grainy mouthfeel to the soft and chewy cream filling.  For something that was positioning itself as healthy, this was decadent in every definition of the word.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Like I said, chocolate-covered Oreo is all I could think of here and that is a very big winner.  That results in this bar getting an overwhelming BUY IT rating.  Chef Irvine's first review on this blog went very well and this one does the same as these bars are flat out delicious.  So, not only is Robert an engaging TV personality, but he's also one hell of a protein bar recipe creator too.  These bars come in snack size (what I reviewed) and meal replacement size versions, so if you get your hands on either, I think you'll be a very happy person just like I was/am.


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