Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review: Dannon Light & Fit Citrus Blend Greek Yogurt

Dannon Light & Fit products have been out for quite a while now and their Greek yogurt versions have been out for a bit too and I've looked at a lot of them.  But every now and then, I'll be perusing the yogurt aisle (I seem to do a lot of aimless wandering in my grocery stores; I guess that is a "peril" of being a food reviewer) at one of my local stores and I'll see one of these manufacturers sneak out a new flavor and that's what happened with this single serving cup of Dannon Light & Fit Citrus Blend Greek Yogurt that I was able to pick up at Marsh for $1.00 (so new that it doesn't even have an individual product page at the time of the writing of this post).  Being that this is Light & Fit, the calories are intended to be quite minimal and per usual, this one has 80 calories packed into a 5.3 ounce cup.  It's also got twelve grams of protein packed into that 80 calories, so it has quite a punch.

Being that this is only 80 calories, it should come as no surprise that the wonders of modern food science took over on this one.  When I opened up the container, what I saw was a slightly off-white Greek yogurt that had small bits of fruit shreds (think pulp) spread intermittently throughout the container.  I will say that the Greek yogurt was quite creamy, but it was mostly a whole lot of nothing.  It didn't really smell like anything either and when your flavor mix is supposed to consist of three fairly potent citrus fruits (lemon, lime and orange), I found that to be moderately surprising.

When I took my first spoonful, my initial impression is that this tasted like it looked, meaning it was a whole lot of nothing.  But, after that initial blandness, all three of the blended fruits hit all at once providing an interesting flavor burst.  It was tangy, sweet and tart all at once and none of the flavors were really distinguishable.  It was just "citrus" as the name of this would imply.  I guess that is what happens when this is just primarily concentrated fruit juices packed into a creamy Greek yogurt, but it was still different than I would have expected.  As for that Greek yogurt, it didn't really have a lot of flavor on its own, but it did do a good job of taming the various fruit juices so that they didn't get out of control and become too much.

Buy It or Fly By It?  What I found interesting about this in the end was that it didn't really have any distinguishable flavor, but I did feel as if I had certainly had a citrus experience and I also felt that I now had fresh breath.  I know that is probably a really strange thing to read, but I can't think of any other way to describe it.  Still, even with the oddness that this provided, I did find it to be appealing and will give it a BUY IT rating.  I'm not sure if Dannon will keep this on the shelves since they haven't even made a product page for it, but if they do and you see it, it could be worth picking up to see if you have as interesting of an experience with it as I did.


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