Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Klondike Rocky Road Ice Cream Bars

I haven't spent a lot of time looking at Klondike bars here on the blog because frankly, I'm not a huge ice cream bar guy.  I like them, but I devour them way too quickly (multiples at once) and as a way to try to control myself, I do my best not to keep them in my freezer.  Every now and then though, one of my local stores will offer a sale where they basically dare me to buy them and that's what Meijer did and it led me to pick up this package of six Klondike Rocky Road Ice Cream Bars for $1.99.  Each of the six bars is 2.7 ounces and checks in at 230 calories, so you can see how I'd worry about these since I'm fully capable of eating multiples of these in one sitting and that's a huge calorie intake if done.

As we all know (or not), Rocky Road is a classic dessert recipe.  A mix of chocolate, vanilla, almond and marshmallow and I can safely say that from a presentation perspective, Klondike has all these covered in this bar.  The bar starts with a brittle outer chocolate shell that has bits of almonds mixed throughout.  Within that almond and chocolate shell is a mix of chocolate and marshmallow flavored light ice cream (65% less fat and 35% less calories; think of how much of a calorie bomb this would be if it was real ice cream!).  The entire package itself carries that smell of chocolate and marshmallow, so like I said, Klondike nailed the classic Rocky Road recipe in their presentation.

After my first bite, I could confidently say that they nailed the flavor presentation of this recipe too.  The outer chocolate shell was rich and sweet and the brittleness of it brought a little additional crunch to the already existing crunch of the almonds that were mixed throughout that shell.  The interior chocolate ice cream had middle-of-the-road flavor, but it definitely tasted of chocolate and that was just fine.  What really surprised me about this was the marshmallow flavored ice cream because it had a lot of marshmallow flavor and having been duped by the promise of marshmallow-flavored ice cream before and having been let down, I was very pleasantly surprised when this one delivered excellently.  That chocolate and marshmallow ice cream mix was very fluffy due to this being light ice cream and that fluffiness and great flavor mixed excellently with the rich and sweet chocolate exterior and the crunch of the almonds.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Remember at the beginning of this review how I mentioned that ice cream bars scare me because I eat too many of them at once?  Well, that's what I did with these Klondike Rocky Road bars because they were excellent.  They packed a lot of flavor and hit me unexpectedly with that great flavor.  It was so tasty that after I finished tasting this, I immediately went back for a second bar, thus proving out the rationale behind my fear of ice cream bars.  Either way, if something is tasty enough to immediately go back for a second, it's clearly deserving of a BUY IT rating.  Pick these up and you'll find something fun and tasty that I think you'll enjoy quite a bit, just like I did.


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