Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: Stonyfield Organic Belle Blueberry Petite Creme Low Fat Sweet Fresh Cheese

As I've been writing these posts recently, it seems like I've been hitting on a lot of what I'll call the "greatest hits", meaning that they are manufacturers that I reviewed somewhat frequently in the past but have stayed away from recently because I haven't been able to find that many new products or flavors that interest me.  Stonyfield Organic is one of those manufacturers as I haven't touched on one of their products since February 2014 and it was as far back as May 2012 before that.  Upon some recent browsing at Meijer, I saw that they've introduced a new line of products in their Petite Creme line.  What makes this line of products interesting is that while they may look like yogurt and be sitting next to the yogurts in your local store, they are not in fact yogurt.  They are actually modeled a French cheese that silky and eaten just like yogurt (yes, I had to look this up).  That seemed kind of odd and intersting to me, so I picked up several of these Petite Cremes on my Meijer trip for $1.25 each and this Stonyfield Organic Belle Blueberry Petite Creme Low Fat Sweet Fresh Cheese comes in at 5.3 ounces with 130 calories and ten grams of protein.

So, with that interesting introduction, I tore the lid off of this one and what I got was something that was fairly basic.  From an appearance standpoint, this one had a slightly purple hue as you would expect from something that is blueberry-flavored and it appeared to be very thick at first.  Once I stuck my spoon in an swirled it around though, I found that this was oddly kind of runny.  I didn't expect that.  Also, being that this is a cheese and not a yogurt, it did have a slight smell of cheesiness mixed with blueberry smell as well.  All in all, this looked visually like a basic yogurt, but when you peel back all the layers and the back story, it's a blueberry cheese, which is just plain different.

I've got to admit that going into this, I had no idea what to expect.  This wasn't yogurt (Greek or otherwise), but it had a lot of the characteristics of yogurt and was supposed to be eaten like yogurt.  Honestly, just knowing that was messing with my mind (it doesn't take much) but after my first spoonful, what I got was basically yogurt that had a slightly cheesy taste to it.  It was a bit runny, but it still had a slight degree of creaminess to go with it and the blueberry flavor while not overly prevalent, was at least noticeable.  What was noticeable, but not a turn-off, was the cheesy flavor.  It definitely was there, but as the container said, it was a sweet cheese kind of taste.  Once my tiny mind got over the fact that I was eating cheese like it was yogurt (it took a couple spoonfuls), I actually became more accustomed to this and it could have been like any other kind of yogurt to me.  It grew on me spoonful after spoonful and I came to legitimately like it by the end.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was a basic flavor and didn't really have a lot of blueberry flavor to it, but it was pleasing and interesting enough for me to award this a BUY IT rating.  It wasn't enough for me to sit and think that I'm going to change my life and only eat sweet fresh cheese instead of yogurt from now on, but it was satisfying enough that I would certainly enjoy eating this if it was put in front of me.  If you want to try something a little different, this is a good opportunity to do so.



  1. So sort of like Cheesecake cheese or Cheese cheese?

    1. I would say somewhere in between, but more toward cheesecake cheese.


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