Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Noosa Pumpkin Aussie-Style Yoghurt

I can't remember if it was in an email or if in a comment in a post, but a reader recently let me know that Noosa had put out a seasonal version of one of their yoghurts that was available only at Target.  Now, I'm not the world's biggest fan of Target, but I am a fan of seasonal pumpkin products (LOVE them), so that led me to put my Target biases aside and head out for another Noosa review and pick up this container of Noosa Pumpkin Aussie-Style Yoghurt that was at the regular price of $2.39.  Each 8.0 ounce container is 290 calories and has fourteen grams of protein.

From a review perspective, these Noosa products are pretty easy to differentiate the components.  There is the standard thick and creamy Aussie-style yogurt that smells tangy and delightful.  There's then the mix-in of the day and like I've already mentioned in the product name, the mix-in here is a pumpkin puree that looks strikingly similar to the canned pumpkin pie mixes that you can buy at the store.  It smelled strikingly similar too in that it was that mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. that we have all come to expect from pumpkin pies.  I will also point out that since chefs recommend using canned puree for pies instead of making your own, there is NOTHING wrong with this being a canned-type puree in here.  That completely spits in the face of the "fresh" food movement, but if known chefs recommend it, then I'm good with it too.

I won't spend a lot of time on the actual yogurt itself because it is just the standard stuff that Noosa uses in all of their products.  It's tangy, creamy and absolutely delightful.  As I've said before, this might be my favorite plain yogurt that I've ever eaten because despite the fact that it is plain in name, it is not plain in flavor.  It's incredible.  Okay, I guess I did spend a fair amount of time on that.  Anyway, the real question here was the flavor of the pumpkin puree and it canned be summed up in one word:  delightful.  It had a bit of a spicy kick in it and as the Noosa website implies it would, this definitely did warm me up.  Along with that bit of spicy kick that warmed me up, it also had a hint of sweet pumpkin, so it was a great mix of sweet and spicy, just like the pie itself.  When mixing this with the yogurt, it was almost as if I was eating a slice of pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top.  The only thing truly missing was the crust of the pie and frankly, I didn't miss that at all.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If you can, race out to Target as soon as possible to get this because it is incredible.  Truly a wonderful seasonal treat and very deserving of it's BUY IT rating.  Despite the fact that it's Aussie-style, the folks at Noosa should be congratulated on taking a truly American pumpkin flavor and incorporating it into their Australian yoghurt for a perfect mix of cultures (Get it?  Yoghurt is a cultured dairy product.  I crack myself up).  My only complaint about this particular product is that I wish there had been more of the pumpkin puree because it was so good.  Regardless, with each passing review, I love Noosa more and more because they continually do such a good job with their products.



  1. I just finished mine and while I liked it while I was eating it, it left a nasty aftertaste that lingered even after I brushed my teeth. Not sure if it was the cream cheese or whether all Noosa's have this feature.

  2. Amazing, you must get this. The puree is so good with their yogurt. This is my first time trying Noosa and i dont even want to try any other variety.

  3. We found it at Kroger in SW VA. My husband had a coupon for a freebie & I AM HOOKED!!!!!! This stuff is fantastic! I am on Weight Watchers & the point plus value is 8 BUT WORTH EVERY POINT!!!! Bette than pumpkin cheesecake, gluten free is a bonus as well.


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