Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Chobani Watermelon Blended 2% Greek Yogurt

I remember when I first started this blog nearly three years ago (three years at the end of this month!) that Chobani was kind of the little engine that could of the Greek yogurt world.  They were getting write-ups in various business magazines like Bloomberg, Forbes, etc. about how they were this small company trying to take on the monsters of the world like Dannon.  Just knowing that background made my reviews of them that much more interesting (to me).  Now, nearly three years later, they are no longer the little engine that could and are one of the leaders of the Greek yogurt industry as the big guys have started lining up to compete with them and also some other little guys have joined the fray to become the next Chobani.  Anyway, they've gotten so big now that they've introduced limited batches and today's review is another one of those summer-related limited batches (which means it'll be gone soon) in this Chobani Watermelon Blended 2% Greek Yogurt that I found at Target for $1.19.  This 5.3 ounce cup is all natural, gluten free and has 140 calories with twelve grams of protein.

Visually, there's not a whole lot to look at in this cup.  It's a pinkish colored Greek yogurt.  That's it.  I will point out that it was very creamy and did have a very faint smell of watermelon and when I say very faint, I mean that I had to struggle a bit and take a big whiff in order to get that smell out of it.  That's it...that's all this is.  Pretty boring from a presentation perspective.

Those boring characteristics continued to the flavor as well because while this was definitely creamy and cooling, it just didn't have a lot of watermelon flavor.  Like the smell, the flavor of the watermelon was very faint and had very small amounts of sweetness, but it was nothing notable.  I suppose watermelon isn't the strongest tasting fruit there is, but I've had watermelon products before that packed a lot of flavor.  This did not do that.  The one thing I will note is that the Greek yogurt part of this did not have that normal tartness to it though, so I suppose the watermelon "flavor" won that battle and did a good job muting that.  Sadly, that's all it won though as this was basically just a cup of yogurt with just a minimal watermelon flavor.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I've got to give this a FLY BY IT rating.  That's not because it was bad, it's because there was just nothing here.  That's too bad too because when I saw a watermelon flavored Greek yogurt, I got kind of excited because I don't recall seeing a lot of, if any, watermelon flavored yogurts in the world before, so I was hoping for a nice change of pace.  I guess the blandness of this just proved why there aren't a lot of watermelon flavored yogurts out there and that's too bad.  Chobani has made a lot of really good products as they've become a monster, but sadly, this is not one of them.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't like it, this was my favorite chobani yogurt! I'm really sad they've moved on to fall flavors now

  2. taste like yogurt mixed with a Jolly Rancher

  3. I LOVE this flavor! So bummed that it is being discontinued! Ids there anyway we could stop it? Its like,all I wanna eat! Delicious~ Well? Chobani? Please?

  4. I just posted an angry Facebook status about this yogurt:

    Chobani has some watermelon flavored Greek yogurt, and it sounds pretty good if you like watermelon, right?

    Don't. This yogurt tastes like actual vomit. You do not want this. There is no watermelon flavor, not even the slightest whisper. I have made a very poor decision and I will be the first to acknowledge that.

    Save yourself. You've been warned.

    0/10 - Would not recommend in any circumstance ever

  5. This is the first time I'm seeing this flavor in stores 2016. So maybe it has changed a bit from dates of prior posters, but I loved it! It was very refreshing with the right amount of watermelon sweetness to me. I'm trying to find more! Everybody's tastebuds are different so what one person loves, another may not. Best thing to do, try it for yourself.

  6. I love it! I literally went back to wegmans specifically for the watermelon chobani!! Yummy 😋

  7. I loved it too! They must've changed the recipe!


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