Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Klondike Kandy Caramel & Peanuts Ice Cream Bars

Despite the fact that I've reviewed plenty of them on the blog, including some Klondike bars, I generally stay away form purchasing ice cream bars.  I'm more of a grab a spoon and eat straight out of the ice cream container kind of guy, but occasionally a coupon and/or crazy sale will lead me to buy a box of ice cream bars and that's where we are today.  Meijer was running a sale and also had a digital coupon that allowed me to pick up a box of these Klondike Kandy Caramel &Peanuts Ice Cream Bars for $2.00 (I think they were usually around $4.50) and each box has four bars that check in at 2.75 fluid ounces.  Each bar is also 200 calories of caramel, peanut and light vanilla ice cream, so the fact that "light" is included in their somewhere makes this a diet product, right?  Okay, probably not.

It didn't take me doing my best Sherlock Holmes impression in order to find out how this one was constructed.  Klondike did me the favor showing it on the front of the box.  Lucky me, but I'll describe it anyway.  The bulk of the bar was a fluffy light vanilla ice cream that had a squirt of strongly smelling caramel injected on top of it.  It wasn't as gooey as the box portrayed, but it was certainly there.  The bar was then encased in a thick layer of chocolate that had bits of peanuts scattered throughout the chocolate that also gave off a fairly notable peanut smell.  All components were present and accounted and since that is often a major part of the battle, the fact that everything was there is a good thing.  Before I discuss the flavor, I will note that this while 2.75 fluid ounces may not mean anything to you when you read it, it should mean something when you look at this bar because I was taken aback that this bar had a surprisingly large size to it.  It was certainly more than I expected.

Biting into this bar and the ice cream first pretty much produced what I'd expect from a light vanilla ice cream.  It had decent vanilla flavor and was...wait for it...LIGHT and fluffy.  What I wasn't sure that I was expecting was how incredibly rich the caramel was,  I love food that are rich, so I adored that.  The chocolate shell was pretty standard stuff in that it was sweet, crunchy and melted over the top of the caramel and ice cream and then also provided great crunch from the peanuts that were mixed in the exterior coating.  In a roundabout way, this tasted like a Snickers ice cream bar and since I know I already love those, that just was one more positive mark for these.  Texturally, this was very crunchy and I very much enjoyed that.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Despite the fact that I don't usually like it when companies try to get cute and change spellings in order to match their company spelling structure (candy with a "K"), I really, really, really liked this bar and this gets a strong BUY IT rating.  My only complaint about this bar and it's not really a complaint is that there were only four bars in the box.  I just wanted to keep eating these one after another because they were addicting.  Well done, Klondike.


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