Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: thinkThin Honey Drizzle Peanut Lean Protein & Fiber Bar

I've been thinking a lot about being thin (again) recently as I've put on a pound or two that I'm not particularly pleased about, so it's perfect that thinkThin has introduced a plethora of new products for me to touch on in reviews.  Today's review is another one of those reviews from the new product splurge I made at Kroger as I take a look at this thinkThin Honey Drizzle Peanut Lean Protein & Fiber Bar that I picked up for $1.00.  This bar clocks in at 1.41 ounces and is 150 calories with ten grams of protein.  It's also gluten free for all the celiacs or gluten dislikers out there, so that is a positive as well.

As I already knew from taking a look at several of these Protein & Fiber bars, I new this bar would be oddly thin itself, which as I've joked too many times before, is perfectly fitting considering the name of the bar itself.  Anyway, just like the others that I've looked at, this one had an exterior dark chocolate coating with an interior of peanut butter, soy crisps and the namesake honey of the bar.  This interior was more of a past with a few soy crisps spread throughout, so it wasn't particularly exotic in its look.  It was exotic (or at least potent) with its smell though as this one had a powerful smell of peanut coming off of it as soon as I broke it in half.  I'm very cool with peanuts, so I was okay with that because it let me know that there would probably be a lot of peanut flavor in this bar.  There was a very tiny smell of honey as well, but it was definitely overpowered by the peanut smell.

There was a lot of peanut flavor in this bar, but there was something that just wasn't right about it.  I think that the way that it interacted with the honey caused that peanut (butter) flavor to have an almost spicy kick to it and it lacked any sort of real sweetness.  Unfortunately, the dark chocolate did not help that situation as it didn't bring any sweetness to the equation either, but considering it is dark chocolate, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  It was really just a gummy bar whose only real flavor was a taste of peanut that just seemed off.  I know it was how the peanut flavor reacted with the honey, but I just don't think it worked.  In fact, the peanut flavor reminded me of what the shells on a peanut taste like if you've ever eaten those before.  About the only thing this had going for it was that the texture did have an occasional light crunch from the soy crisps, so at least that broke up the gumminess of it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Looking back at what I just wrote, I perhaps overdramatized my review and made it seem like this bar was the worst bar on the planet.  It wasn't that bad, but the flavors just didn't work for me so this gets a FLY BY IT rating in my book.  This might work for some people, but just not for me.  I will say this...if you tend to like sweet things, stay away from this.  If you are more of the savory/salty type, perhaps this one is more up your alley.


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