Friday, June 6, 2014

Review: Breyers Blasts! Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Dairy Dessert

I've been trying so hard to limit the amount of ice cream/frozen dairy dessert that I've been eating lately.  It had gotten out of control and while I've essentially replaced ice cream/frozen dairy dessert with many varieties of actual cake (yeah, I have a bit of a sweet tooth), I occasionally relapse when a place like Kroger throws out a Breyers sale and digital coupon that basically begs me to add to my review collection.  It's that "trap" that led me to pick up this 1.5 quart container of Breyers Blasts! Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Dairy Dessert on sale for $2.99 after all the sales and digital coupons were applied.  Within this container were the typical twelve half-cup servings with each serving come in at 130 calories.  Breyers has paired up with Sara Lee, the famous purveyor of cheesecakes, on this one and as this blog has shown, they like to do that with their Blasts! line of products as they've hit up Mrs. Fields, Snickers, the Girl Scouts, Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Heath, Reese's, M&M's, etc.

I opened this up expecting a pretty basic frozen dairy dessert base with a plethora of cheesecake pieces since this is from the Blasts! line of product and that usually means a lot of add-ins.  My expectations were close, but not all the way there.  The base was a cheesecake flavored frozen dairy dessert with an ample swirl of strawberry spread throughout the container.  Where my expectations missed was on the amount of Sara Lee cheesecake pieces.  Those pieces were about the size of a die and were covered in graham cracker crust, but there weren't a ton of them as I would have expected.  Instead, it was pretty much just a basic container of frozen dairy dessert, so there was nothing Blasts! about it, at least how I've come to know Blasts!  The swirl had a mild smell of strawberry and the dessert smelled slightly like cheesecake, but nothing about it screamed AWESOME from a presentation perspective.

My expectations on the presentation of this weren't far off and neither were my expectations of the flavor.  The base cheesecake-flavored frozen dairy dessert had a mild taste of cheesecake, but it was slightly plain.  The strawberry swirl did have some sweet and tangy strawberry flavor that was gooey and quite pleasing, but again, nothing about it would re-define my life.  The one thing that I missed on (again) in terms of my flavor expectations were the cheesecake pieces.  I've had several frozen cheesecake desserts and the cheesecake pieces have typically been somewhat soft and chewy.  These Sara Lee cheesecake pieces, while tasting just like you'd hope they would, were rock hard and required some effort to bite through.  Had these been a bit softer, it might have worked a little better with this, but having to bite through these so hard was definitely a negative mark.  The graham cracker crust on the outside of those hard cheesecake pieces was nice though and once I was able to chew through them, the crust did dissipate into a grainy texture like the actual cracker itself.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I can't really say that this one particularly impressed me in any way, but it didn't depress me either.  It was a fairly boring container of frozen dairy dessert and while it was that, it was appealing enough that I'd give it a BUY IT rating.  While the Sara Lee part of this (the main selling point) ended up being the disappointment of the container, you can definitely do worse than this and this would more than fulfill a craving for strawberry cheesecake that comes in frozen form.


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  1. I found it not good at all. The "cheesecake" bits tasted kinda greasy for some reason. I should say in all fairness though that I have never been a Sara Lee fan. I have found all of their pastries to be lacking in taste and quality, and it is no different when paired with Bryers. In fact, I feel like Sara Lee brought down the quality of a usually tastey ice cream. I'd say pass. It was odd tasting and left me feeling like I shouldn't have ingested it. Not because of the calorie guilt, but just because it wasn't good and tasted...unnatural.


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