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Reviews: Variety Box

It seems that half of my reviews lately have come via free products that have been sent to me and today's review is no different.  One of the owners of reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in trying out a sample box of some of their products.  Being the out of control sugar addict that I am, I naturally said yes.  That led them to so graciously send me a box of free samples and you see some of those above (sorry, I ate some of them before I could knock out a picture.  My bad.).

I've never really allowed a guest blogger here on the site, but instead of me hammering out reviews of each of these candies, I'm going to "steal" content from the owner (Walter Blake Knoblock) of because he did such an eloquent (and fun) job of describing each of the candies he passed along in an email to me.  Not everything is included in the photo above, but I want to make note of all of them because some of these descriptions may pique your interest in purchasing some of these candies via the free shipping offer below.  My comments are in red italics, by the way.

*Curly Wurly Bar (UK) - Caramel covered in chocolate. Pretty straight forward. To be totally honest with you, I was going to include some candy from Turkey in the place of these, but when we received it, it was disgusting and there is no way we’re gonna send you disgusting candy.  I've got to admit, I wasn't a huge fan of this.  It was really hard for me to chew through and that really ruined the experience for me.  The chocolate and caramel flavor was nice though.
*Rademaker Hopjes Coffee Candies (Holland) - Small coffee hard candies. If you like coffee, you’ll like these. Even if you don’t like coffee, you’ll probably like these. You’d really have to despise coffee to not like these. Bonus if you put on wooden shoes when you eat them.  These were strange.  I HATED the first one and spit it out, but the next three I had (there were four in total) grew on me to the point that I thoroughly enjoyed these.  Definitely an acquired taste.
*ION Chocofreta Bar (Greece) - Chocolate Wafer Bar. I always think its cool when they have the label in a different language. It adds to the experience for me. I’m always a little worried that it might be something insanely inappropriate and that I’d never know (because I can’t read Greek), but that’s probably an irrational fear. These kind of remind me of kit cats, but more focus on the chocolate than the wafer.  This was by far my favorite of the entire box.  Chocolate covered wafers reminded me of some many DELICIOUS wafer treats that I've had throughout the course of my life.  I wish I had gotten about one hundred of these.  That's the bar in the picture above on the right hand side, by the way.
*Haribo Roulette Roll (German) - So good. You can’t go wrong with Haribo gummies. They’re the taco bell of candy. Sure, every product they have is more or less the same thing, just sugar and gelatin processed in some different way, but don’t you tell me that these little sweet discs aren’t better than anything else in the sweet gelatinous disc market.  Just blah.  They were gummy but required a lot of chewing work just to soften them up. 
*Arcor Viena Assorted Fruit candies (Argentina) - Fruity hard candies, with gooey sweet center. The Pineapple and Orange are my favorite, they’ve got a different formula for how they create the flavors– the level of juices and sugars and stuff, I mean– and Arcor really kills it with their fruits. I ate like 50 of these when I was packaging candy for this shipment and I regret nothing.  These were interesting.  At first, based on the exterior, I though these were going to be like Jolly Rancher candies.  Turns out that once you got past the hard exterior the interior fruit flavor just exploded in my mouth.  The fruit flavor was delicious too.
*Roll of Haw Flakes (China) - Hawthorne Berry flavored candy roll sliced up into small wafers. This one is unique, but I was pleased to see it tastes better than the soft pastel spam exterior would imply.  These remind me of Alka-Seltzer tablets, which is kind of scary.  Although I can't exactly tell you what the flavor was, I will say that it wasn't disgusting.  Still, I could not get over the Alka-Seltzer comparison and that turned me off.
*Krowki Milanowskie Chocolate Cream Fudge Bricks (Poland) - Creamy fudge from Warsaw. I’m from Northern Michigan and not many people know this, but we have the best fudge in the world, but this stuff isn’t bad. Plus they fold it all fancy so that’s a definite plus.  These tricked me too.  Based on the physical experience, I thought these were going to be hard and chewy like Tootsie Rolls.  After the first bite, they just melted in my mouth with decadent and delicious chocolate flavor.  My second favorite of the box.
*Sea's Gift Korean Seaweed Snack (South Korea) - I know seaweed isn’t candy, but it’s a snack so I tossed it in in addition to the candy you’d regularly be getting. I think that’s gonna be a thing that we do now– adding a snack in addition to the candy, mostly because then that gives me a reason to try a wider variance of treats. This seaweed is great because it tastes just like how you’d imagine seaweed to taste– kinda like sushi minus the fish and if you’re eating seaweed, that’s probably what you’re looking for.  What can I say?  These were seaweed and everything weird that it entails.  Flaky and very, let's just say "organic" tasting, I can honestly say that I was kind of horrified by these.  Maybe I needed the sushi added in to make these edible, but eating them alone is not for me.  That's the seaweed in the picture above on the left hand side, by the way.

So there you have  If any of these products sound interesting to you, you can try them out.  If not, try out some of their other products and help an entrepreneur build what could be a fun and interesting business.

For free shipping on products, you can visit this link:

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