Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Chips Ahoy! Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Creations Cookies

I don't hide the fact that from time-to-time on this blog, I go for the big hitter reviews of something that is completely junk food in order to drive traffic.  Today's review is one of those instances.  I was especially led to to do this because not only do I love junk food (to my own detriment), I also love free stuff and Meijer gave away a package of these Chips Ahoy! Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Creations Cookies for free as part of a recent mPerks promotion.  Score!  Anyway, this package contained eighteen cookies and that was nine servings (my great math skills tell me a serving is two cookies).  Each serving (two cookies) clocked in at a very junk food-esque 160 calories.  So, long story short, the aim of this review was to not eat the entire package in one sitting.  Spoiler Alert:  I only ate half the package.

Maybe I've been spoiled by too many soft-baked cookies in my life, but when I pulled this out of the package, I unexpectedly encountered kind of a solid cookie that crumbled into bits quite easily.  It obviously had the cookies smell of brown sugar and vanilla, but it also had the smell of caramel and more vanilla from the dulce de leche (named) and vanilla (what I assume to be the "ice cream" part of this cookie) chips.  The chips were fairly well spread and quite large, so from a presentation perspective, Chips Ahoy! has got a winner on this one.

Since the cookie was so brittle physically, I wasn't surprised that it was so crunchy as I chewed through it.  Unfortunately, that crunchiness was probably the result of this being a dry cookie and I can't say that I particularly enjoyed that.  Again, I've probably been too spoiled by soft-baked cookies in my life. As for the chips themselves, they definitely had caramel and vanilla flavor, but it wasn't overly strong.  They both brought a hint of sweetness to the cookie, but in terms of flavor they were almost non-players.  They behaved like a lot of chips do, which means that they melted nicely and made a gooey texture after the initial crunch of biting into them, but that was about all they did.  Even with that gooeyness from the chips, this cookie still leaned on the dry side.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was by no means a bad cookie and it's okay to eat if it's the only cookie that you've got around.  That said, this was too boring for me and didn't pack enough flavor from what I expected to be kind of an exciting junk food option, so I'll give this a FLY BY IT rating.  It's unfortunate because I had such high hopes going in, but I guess I can always say that I got my sugar fix.



  1. I wish soft baked cookies were a thing in the UK, as I hate hard cookies but adore soft ones.

  2. What's great is that of all the new Ice Cream Creations varieties, I blindly chose the only one that is not soft-baked. Just my luck.


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