Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review: Bakery On Main Truebar I'm A Fruit & Nut Bar With Nothing To Hide

If there were an award for products getting cute with their names, an obvious entrant would be Ben & Jerry's with the names of their ice cream flavors.  The subject of today's review is another one of those as it tried to get really, really cute with it's name and in a semi-amusing way, I think it worked since this Bakery On Main Truebar I'm A Fruit & Nut Bar With Nothing To Hide bar is in both clear (revealing) packaging and is also not coated at all (also revealing).  Well done, I suppose.  Anyway, I picked this up at Marsh for $1.99 and the bar very revealing bar comes in at 1.4 ounces with 170 calories and three grams of protein.

This bar clearly has nothing to hide in so many ways, but I'll go ahead and lay out my observations anyway because breaking my typical review format would send me into a tailspin.  So, here we go.  This sticky bar is made up of a mix of a lot of things.  There's a ton of dried fruits (raisins and cranberries), nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts) and seeds (chia and pumpkin) and they are spread liberally throughout the bar.  The almonds are the most noticeable of all the nuts since they were quite large and all of the seeds and fruits were clearly visible.  This was all bound together with a bit of honey and it smelled strongly of that sweet and tangy fruit flavor.

Biting into this, I was immediately hit with that sweet and tangy flavor, which mirrored the smell of this.  That flavor was more cranberry than it was raisin, but it was still nice.  What I didn't suspect was the power of the sea salt flavoring.  It punctuated that sweet and tangy flavor late and brought a strong thirst-inducing punch of saltiness.  As for the rest of the ingredients, they really didn't bring a lot of flavor, but they did bring some crunchiness and graininess to the texture of this bar as I chewed my way through it.  In the end, this one can be summed up pretty easily:  sweet, salty and grainy.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I didn't expect the saltiness of this bar, but it wasn't so salty that it turned me off.  While I would have preferred that component not be present, I still found that this was a tasty bar that is worthy of a BUY IT rating.  It is one of those bars that is becoming part of the rapidly expanding group of bars that have a surprising punch of saltiness on this blog.



  1. It really bothers me that they didn't capitalize on the opportunity to say, "nuttin' to hide."


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