Monday, April 14, 2014

Review: German Chocolate Cake PB Lean

I had a reader email me and recommend that I try out products from and while they typically focus only on oatmeal, they do have powdered peanut butter blends that are similar to some of the Bell Plantation PB2 products that I've reviewed in the past.  The reader was so focused on me reviewing the products (which I appreciate, by the way), they contacted the manufacturer on their own and arranged for me to get a series of products to review.  I've never had a more dedicated reader (thank you Elliot!) and that hard work leads to today's review of this German Chocolate Cake PB Lean.  I was given a special opportunity to review this, but if I were to buy a 1.5 pound bag of this on my own, it would cost $13.99.  Each bag has over 48 servings measuring in at fourteen grams each and each serving is 57 calories, which means it is 85% less fat, thus the lean name.

Since this is powdered peanut butter, it should be no surprise that it came looking like a powder in its raw form.  I didn't feel like trying out just powder and being that I've done this powdered peanut butter dance before, I new I could mix it with water and doing that gave me the mix above.  Outside of the visual appearance, I would say that this had an interesting smell.  It smelled like peanut butter, but it had a different kind of smell emanating from it as well, which I was able to deduce was the coconut smell as that is one of the general ingredients of a German Chocolate Cake.  Armed with that, I was EXTREMELY eager to dive into this because a marriage of peanut butter and German Chocolate Cake seemed ridiculously sinful to me as I love both of these things.

I dipped my spoon in and took a taste of this and while it had some peanut butter flavor, the coconut flavor just made this taste somewhat off.  Along with that, there really wasn't a ton of chocolate flavor either, so other than the "off" flavor generated by the German Chocolate Cake, I'm not sure how the German Chocolate flavor worked into this at all.  Frankly, this was just coconut peanut butter and while I love both of those things independently, I don't think they work well together.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I absolutely hate it when a manufacturer (and CEO) reach out to me and I can't give them a glowing review because what they did was so nice.  So, with a feeling of guilt, I have to give this particular iteration of PB Lean a FLY BY IT rating.  German Chocolate Cake peanut butter is an incredible idea when seen in print, but in the case of execution in terms of this product, it just didn't work.  Very unfortunate and quite a let down, because I was hoping to have my mind blown by this one.

Note:  For you bargain hunters out there that are perhaps interested in trying out some products yourself (I've tried out some others and trust me, it's worth it; you'll see those reviews coming), there is a special Crazy Food Dude promo code that will allow you to take 15% off your online order.  That code is:  crazy15.  Enjoy!


  1. Wow, those a some intriguing flavor options. Some of them sound quite nice, others sound....well, I'll be interested if someone reviews them!

  2. You're very welcome. Sorry this was a miss for you, IE. I know you like pb2. Have to wonder if another flavor of their pb lean would have been more appealing, maybe even just the pb version, akin to pb2. There are so many potential flavoring options for the pb lean and oatmeal.

    The oatmeal I've ordered from myoatmeal has been very good. Somewhat overwhelming to create your own flavors with so many options, but it is a lot of fun. The best I've had so far were steel cut oats with amaretto flavor and tart cherries mixed in.

    From what you indicated in your review, it sounded like there might be more myoatmeal reviews to come. Hope so!

    1. There are two more reviews to come (one is tomorrow) and they were definitely more appealing!

  3. Looking forward to them, IE!

    Thought readers might appreciate some more reviews of some other flavors of PBLean :

    I ordered the banana bread which I've enjoyed, though I know, IE, you aren't a fan of banana flavors.

    I noticed the German Cake did not fare very well on this review either.

    Notice the review is on a bodybuilding website? MyOatmeal is born from and popular in the bodybuilding/fitness world.

    Looking forward to the next reviews of MyOatmeal and other food finds!

  4. Elliott,
    I usually add Pb2 to my plain choboni Greek yogurt.
    Since you recommend Pb lean to CFD. Which flavors do you like best?


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