Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Magnum Infinity Chocolate & Raspberry Ice Cream Bars

I've been trying my best to stay away from the ice cream portion of the freezer section of my store for the past few months because I have an unhealthy infatuation with ice cream and I'm trying to keep myself under control.  In a moment of weakness on a recent visit to Kroger, I strolled through that section and saw that Magnum has some new products that I've never reviewed before, so I grabbed a box of three of these Magnum Infinity Chocolate & Raspberry Ice Cream Bars on sale for $2.99.  Each bar in the box comes in at 3.38 fluid ounces ounces and has 260 calories, so while not a total belly buster, it's not exactly a healthy treat despite the presence of the famed dark chocolate.

Magnum does a much better job describing this than I could ever do, so I'll just rip this straight from their website:  "Dark chocolate ice cream with a raspberry swirl, dipped in dark chocolate and cocoa bean nibs."  Well, that's definitely an abandonment from Magnum's classic Belgian chocolate, wouldn't you say?  Regardless, the nibs on the outside of this bar reminded me of small nuts and they were spread sporadically the internal raspberry swirl was definitely present and was quite jelly-like in its form.  It had a slightly sweet raspberry smell to it, but it was mostly overpowered by that almost bitter dark chocolate smell that I am such not a fan of.

My first bite of this immediately met me with a strong dark chocolate flavor and being that I am not the world's biggest fan of that, I was less than excited by that experience.  Fortunately, that dark chocolate was followed by a sweet and tangy raspberry flavor from the interior swirls that did a semi-decent job of canceling out some of the bitterness of the dark chocolate.  That bitterness was definitely still there, but having a portion of it cancelled out was vital in keeping this bar from being vomit inducing with the dark chocolate flavor that was emanating from both the coating and interior ice cream.  That swirl also made for an interesting textural difference from the hard (and melting) dark chocolate shell and the melting dark chocolate ice cream as it added a degree of gooeyness to each bite.  Another thing that brought some textural difference were the cocoa bean nibs that were interspersed throughout the exterior of the bar as they added crunch to each bite that was almost nut like and being that I particularly enjoy crunchy foods, I appreciated the inclusion of those nibs even if their effect was mainly from a texture standpoint and not from a flavor standpoint since their flavor was cancelled out by the primary dark chocolate flavoring of the bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Had it not been for the raspberry swirl, there was no way I would have ever finished this because the dark chocolate flavor would have been just too much.  Instead, the raspberry swirl saved this and made it enjoyable because that sweetness made the dark chocolate tolerable and that gets this a BUY IT rating.  Not my favorite thing, but definitely tasty enough that it was worth a purchase.  Either way, it was an interesting first foray for me into Magnum's new Infinity line of ice cream bars and to horribly paraphrase Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, this one takes me to infinity and beyond!



  1. Cool blog. I am a regular reader. I've been eyeing these infinity bars, and, like you, trying to avoid the offer cream section. That is, at least until I can work though some current inventory. I am more interested in other flavors of these, but appreciate the review.

  2. I tried the Magnum Infinity chocolate bar and since I am a big fan of dark chocolate (White chocolate actually makes me want to throw up) and ice cream, this ice-cream bar was AMAZING. Love the melting dark chocolate coating, the crunchiness of the beans and the chocolate flavored ice cream, which is not too sweet or bitter, but just perfect.It is small, but that means with 260 calories (most of it fat though), I can still have 1 bar once in a while and stay in my caloric count. This totally takes care of my craving for dark chocolate and ice-cream (Which I often have) in one go.


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