Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review: Kellogg's Special K Moments Caramel Pretzel Bliss Indulgent Snack Bites

I've mentioned it many times before, but I'll mention it again...I love the mega conglomerate food producing machine.  Often, they just release different flavors of their same products.  Occasionally, they'll release an entirely new product line and that's what Kellogg's did today as I tack up a new product category to their review catalog with this review of the new Kellogg's Special K Moments Caramel Pretzel Bliss Indulgent Snack Bites that I was able to pick up on sale for $2.50 at Meijer.  Each box contains eight 0.56 ounces bites and each bite is an affordable 70 calories.

As you can see from both my picture of the packaging and also the picture of the product, this is an indulgent twist on a standard granola bar with a dessert-like kick.  The bite itself is made up of a thick base layer of caramel, a standard crisp rice like mix that is intermingled with small pieces of pretzels and then drizzled with more caramel on top.  The website says it is about three bites big, but I only agree with that if you are taking small bites.  For normal size bites, this'll only take two.  The bite itself smells strongly of rich caramel, so I certainly knew I would not be cheated on that part of the flavor profile.

When I took a bite of this, it was a whole lot of rich caramel and I enjoyed that quite a bit being that I am a large fan of caramel.  There was a slight dry twist to each of these and I'd attribute that to the presence of the pretzels, which also added a bit of airy texture to each bite.  Some of that was of course due to the crisp rice mix, but since pretzels are part of the named ingredient list, I'll say that it was primarily pretzels.  There wasn't a lot of sugary sweetness to offset that salty pretzel flavor, but the rich caramel did do a good job providing a decent contrast to it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  A lot of people swear by the salty caramel flavor profile and while I'm okay with that, I'm not the world's biggest fan.  My guess is that is what Special K was trying to emulate here and I'd say that they did a pretty decent job.  Despite the fact that I'm not the world biggest fan of that flavor combination, I was more than okay with these bites, so I'll give them a BUY IT rating, if only because they make a nice little snack bite to break up the standard granola bar snack option.


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