Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: thinkThin Divine German Chocolate Coconut Bar

When I saw this new line of Divine bars from thinkThin on the shelves of my local Kroger, I thought it was kind of fitting that a bar with a product name of thinkThink should be skinny itself and this thinkThin Divine German Chocolate Coconut Bar definitely is that.  I recently picked up this $1.00 bar at Kroger to add to my thinkThin review archive and it weighs in at a skinny 1.48 ounces with 170 calories and six grams of protein.  I guess the fact that the chocolate in this bar is dark chocolate is what makes this "Divine".  Maybe not, but that's the narrative that I'm telling myself.

So, I've already covered the long and the skinny of it.  Ha, that play on words?  Anyway, this bar is encased in dark chocolate and has an interior protein mix of caramel mixed with shards of coconut.  thinkThin describes this as a "sweet symphony of coconut and caramel, richly wrapped in dark chocolate" and while I work in marketing and understand the need to describe products more desirably, I find that description to be particularly enjoying.  That dark chocolate smelled of dark chocolate and outside of that, I'm not sure I can report any other observations.

In terms of taste, the base layer of this bar was quite gummy and I'd expect that would come from the standard protein mixture.  The chocolate itself was thick and flat tasting, just like dark chocolate outside of and being that was the intent, there's nothing wrong with that.  What there was definitely nothing wrong with was the coconut flavor because while it came on late, it came on strong and was quite tasty.  Mixed with the chocolate, it was quite a desiring mix.  The one component of the namesake cake that was missing in this bar was the flavor of the caramel because I couldn't really taste it at all.  Possibly it was blending into the flavors of the other?  I'm not sure, but it seemed like it was missing.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I was prepared to think this was bad going into it, but after hoggishly finishing the bar, I have to say that this did a solid job of emulating the namesake cake and for that, I give it a BUY IT rating.  It's not just like the cake, obviously, but it was a good represenation of it and I enjoyed that.  If you want to think thinly about something that will definitely not make you thin, this is perhaps a solid option.


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