Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Atkins Daybreak Chocolate Chip Crisp Bars

I spend an awful amount of time lamenting about the cost of products on this blog, especially when I consider Atkins products.  Funny thing is that it took me close to two years to start comparing products bought in bulk at a cost per bar basis so that I can get an accurate gauge of how it compares to other like bars and maybe that way, some of my complaint will go by the wayside.  For example, this box of five Atkins Daybreak Chocolate Chip Crisp Bars set me back $5.50 at Kroger.  Ordinarily, I'd be complaining about five bars costing that much, but when I look at them at a unit price basis, it's not really that bad.  Frankly, I'm ashamed that it took me this long to make the correlation, especially since I've worked in finance/accounting for nearly my entire professional career.  What a joke.  Anyway, a single unit comes in at 1.2 ounces with 140 calories and ten grams of protein.  Atkins markets these as a morning snack and/or a light breakfast, so with those measurements, these definitely fit the bill.

This is a pretty basic flavor recipe here and not surprisingly, the presentation of the bar is fairly basic as well.  The bar starts off with a chocolate base that is topped with an oat and soy crisp mix that is interspersed with chocolate chips.  On top of the soft and pliable bar is another swirl of mild and appealing smelling chocolate.  The chips are basically mini chips, but there are a fair amount of them, so the bar will not be shorted in any way.

The flavor on this was pretty basic and what I'd expect too.  The chocolate was moderately sweet, but it did melt quickly and coat the oat and soy mix of the bar, which was nice.  Those chips provided some very tiny pops each time I bit into one, but like the coating chocolate, it melted quickly and that was a nice mouthfeel.  The bar itself was quite chewy, which based on its exterior softness, was not at all surprising either.  All in all, this bar pretty much delivered as I would have expected it to, although with name touting crisp in it, I would have expected a bit more of that type of feeling as I chewed through this.  I also felt it could have stood to be slightly sweeter, but that's just a personal preference.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I know I opened this blog by lamenting about price and then ashamedly admitting I had come to a revelation about unit price when taking a look at these.  Despite the fact that the taste of these bars was fairly decent, I can't comprehend $1.10 being a fair price for what is essentially a cheap-o snack bar.  For that reason alone, I give these a FLY BY IT rating.  Knock about two dollars off the price of the box of these and I could be persuaded to change my rating, but until then, I'm sticking with my penny pinching stance because my wallet wins over my taste buds more often than not.


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